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What is the maximum Angle of Bank for the Penguin C aircraft?
•25 deg
•15 deg
•20 deg
•30 deg
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The UAV28-EFI engine utilizes a ___________ ____________ to transfer fuel/oil from the crankcase to the combustion chamber to mix with air for combustion. •Transfer tunnel •Transfer port •Transfer slot •Transfer chamberTransfer portThe parachute and airbag covers are mostly comprised of ______________ to prevent RF interference. •Balsa •Carbon fiber •Fiberglass •KevlarFiberglassWhich components (Listed below) are NOT contained within the Penguin C's avionics stack? (Select all that apply) •GPS Antenna •Generator Power-in •Engine Control Unit •RF amplifier •Motherboard •Avionics Module •Modem •Piccolo Nano AutopilotGPS Antenna Engine Control Unit RF amplifierWhat is the minimum and maximum RPM of the UAV28-EFI engine? •3000, 8000 •2900, 6300 •3000, 7500 •3100, 70003000, 8000What is the maximum power output for the Microhard nano digital datalink modem? •1 W •3 W •5 W •2 W1 WWhat is the IP rating for the Epsilon 140 payload ? •IP 67 •IP 65 •IP 64 •IP63IP 64The Penguin C can be flown without a payload and nose ballast. •True •FalseFalseThe Epsilon payload series can be controlled without a Logitech controller plugged into the operator's computer. •True •FalseTrueWhich payload control modes do not utilize the Epsilon's video processing capabilities to control the payload. (Select all that apply) •Geo lock (GEO) •Scene (SCN) •Rate •Vehicle (VHN)Geo lock (GEO) RateThe yellow track box in MTI vehicle mode indicates that one of the targets identified by the video processor has been Pre-selected for tracking. •True •FalseFalseWhich components are approved for cleaning the lens of an Epsilon payload? (Select all that apply) •Acetone •T-shirt •Lint cloth •AlcoholAlcoholThe Epsilon's onboard humidity cartridge will turn from a clear light ________ to a _________ color when moisture is present internally. •Red, blue •Blue, red •Blue, pink •Pink, bluePink, bluePurging the Epsilon payload with pure Nitrogen prevents what two things from happening? •Corrosion, stabilization •Fogging, overheating •Overheating, corrosion •Fogging, corrosionFogging, corrosionHow many volts does the Epsilon 135 payload need for proper operation? •5 V •6 V •24 V •12 V12VThe MTI aerial mode highlights small, slow, or fast erratically moving objects with a blue oval for the operator's situational awareness and is optimized for moving platforms. •True •FalseTrueWhat is the maximum optical zoom level that can be achieved by the Hitachi EO sensor onboard the Epsilon 135? •20x •7x •30x •10x30x__________ is used to remove high frequency image jitter during Epsilon payload operation. •Electronic image stabilization •Auto focus •AID •Rotational stabilizationElectronic image stabilizationHow many vibration isolation mount points are included in the Penguin C payload compartment? •5 •6 •3 •44The Epsilon 140 IR sensor #1 focal length of 60 mm increases the detectability range for the IR camera from ________ meters to _________ meters. •500 , 2000 •50, 800 •200, 833 •833, 2000833, 2000The Epsilon 135 contains a 32 Gb onboard memory card for recording video and snapshots during operation. •True •FalseTrueThe electromechanical relay switch is used to switch between the Omni and Directional antenna. •True •FalseTrueThe RF box contains what three major components? •GPS antenna, amplifier, relay switch •Ground adapter, amplifier, relay switch •Microhard modem, amplifier, relay switch •Pan/tilt motors, amplifier, relay switchMicrohard modem, amplifier, relay switchThe antenna tracker will still autonomously track the aircraft in flight if the aircraft does not have GPS signal. •True •FalseFalseMatch the following port designators to their associated component. •J1 •Ethernet •J2 •Piccolo autopilot •J3 •Payload (E135, E140, E140z) •J4 •Antenna TrackerJ1 - Antenna Tracker J2 - Payload (E135, E140, E140z) J3 - Piccolo Autopilot J4 - EthernetWhich workstation accessory allows the aircraft operator to communicate with nearby manned air traffic? •Workstation •David Clark master station •Directional antenna •ICOM A-120 base station VHFICOM A-120 base station VHFWhat is the maximum communication range for the Directional antenna? •Up to 70 km •Up to 100 km •Up to 66 km •Up to 60 kmUp to 100 kmWhich component on the antenna tracker allows the pan/tilt head to pan 360 deg. continuous while preventing the pan-tilt interface cable from wrapping around the antenna assembly during operation? •Tripod mast •Slip ring •RF box •Electromechanical relay switchSlip ringThe directional antenna assembly requires 12 VDC for proper operation. •True •FalseFalseThe antenna tracker control software (Main interface) provides a status indicator for what three things? •Aircraft position, motor enable/disable, motor overcurrent •Flight margin calculator, motor enable/disable, motor overcurrent •Tracker communications, motor enable/disable, motor overcurrent •Signal strength, motor enable/disable, motor overcurrentTracker communications, motor enable/disable, motor overcurrentThe four main parameters that an operator must configure in the modem configuration window to ensure successful communications between the Ground Control Station (GCS) and the aircraft are the Wireless distance, Frequency, Output power, and Network ID •True •FalseFalseWhat is the operational range of the omni-directional antenna located on the directional antenna assembly? •5 km •8 km •10 km •2 km5 kmThe ________________ can be used to estimate the expected signal quality at various distances based on the aircraft's configuration and flight distance. •Flight margin calculator •Signal strength window •Modem configuration windowFlight margin calculatorThe antenna mast comes with an optional section to allow the antenna to be raised to a maximum height of ________? •2 m •3 m •4 m •1 m3 mWhat is the minimum and maximum tilt range of the antenna tracker? • -20 deg to 85 deg • -15 deg to 90 deg • -20 deg to 85 deg • -15 deg to 85 deg-15 deg to 85 degThe RF power output of the amplifier, located in the Directional Antenna Assembly, can be adjusted by the operator during operation. •True •FalseFalseHow many rail sections comprise the Penguin C Portable Pneumatic Launcher (PPC)? •1 •2 •3 •44What is the maximum UAV weight that the PPC can support for launch? •30 kg •35 kg •33 kg •32 kg35 kgWhat is the maximum launch pressure the PPC can achieve? •11 bar •12 bar •14 bar •16 bar16 barHow many roller wheels does the carriage contain? •4 •6 •8 •128How many electrical safety features does the PPC contain? •5 •3 •1 •23How far does the danger area extend beyond the PPC on both sides? Behind? •2 m , 1 m •3 m, 1 m •3 m, 3 m •3 m, immediately behind3 m, immediately behindThe PPC Launcher Control Box contains _______ LED's that assist the crew chief with launching the aircraft. •4 •5 •3 •24Which electromechanical hardware component in the PPC system allows the compressed air to pass from the air tank into the pneumatic hose upon initiation from the Launcher Control Box? •Pressure tube •Solenoid valve •Air compressor •Catapult carriageSolenoid valveWhat is the maximum launch speed that the PPC can achieve? •26 m/s (50.5 kts) •25 m/s (48 kts) •23 m/s (44 kts) •21 m/s (40 kts)26 m/s (50.5 kts)The control box will automatically power down the compressor if the input voltage drops below _____ VDC. •10 •12 •11 •911The power and control wire for the Launcher Control Box allows the crew chief to control compressor power, sequence a launch, and relieve pressure on the system. •True •FalseFalseThe front carriage legs stabilize the aircraft during launch. •True •FalseFalseThe ______________ will open automatically if the PPC pressure exceeds 15 bars during pressurization. •Pressure tube •Pressure relief valve •Solenoid valvePressure relief valveWhat does a blinking red initialization LED, on the Launcher Control Box, mean? •Pneumatic valve opened •Maximum pressure exceeded •Launch initialization is in progress •Control box power lowLaunch initialization is in progressWhat is the rail length of the PPC? •2 m (6.5 ft) •5 m (16.4 ft) •3 m (9.8 ft) •4 m (13.1 ft)4 m (13.1 ft)How many rapid links are contained within the recovery system? •6 •5 •4 •36How is the parachute system deployed from the parachute compartment? •Pusher Plate with Mechanical spring •Ballistic mechanism •Airflow •Parachute cover pinsPusher Plate with Mechanical springThe ___________ rapid link connects the top of the parachute to the pilot chute bridle. •Suspension line rapid link •Airbag cover rapid link •Parachute bridle rapid link •Apex line rapid linkApex line rapid linkThe riser lines are designed to center the parachute system over the aircraft's _____________. •UAV28-EFI •Parachute compartment •Center of Gravity •Payload bayCenter of GravityThe ______________ ensures the neat storage and uniform deployment of the parachute bridle during recovery. •Riser retention bands •Parachute bridle retention bands •Pusher plate •Riser linesParachute bridle retention bandsWhich two components prevent the accidental discharge of the mechanical spring that deploys the parachute? •Airbag cover safety pins, pusher plate servo •Pusher plate safety pin, parachute cover safety pins •Pusher plate servo, parachute cover safety pins •Pusher plate safety pin, pusher plate servoPusher plate safety pin, pusher plate servoThe airbag impeller spout allows for the safe release of air from the airbag upon landing. •True •FalseFalseWhich rapid link secures the parachute to the PRM during recovery? •Parachute bridle rapid link •Riser rapid link •Airbag cover rapid link •Suspension line rapid linkSuspension line rapid linkDuring a successful parachute deployment, ____________ prevents the PRM from releasing the aircraft until ground impact. •Suspension line rapid link •Inner bearings •Locking sleeve •TensionTensionThe ______________ controls the rate of parachute inflation and prevents the parachute suspension lines from becoming tangled during parachute deployment. •Pilot chute •Pusher plate •Slider •Parachute coverSliderThe PRM locking sleeve slides towards the suspension line rapid link side once loaded with the tension between the aircraft and the parachute. •True •FalseFalseHow many components make up the PRM? •4 •2 •3 •13Where does the rear riser line connect to the aircraft? •Parachute compartment •Center wing •Airbag compartment •Right wingCenter wingThe parachute bridle retention bands allow for the neat storage of the aircraft riser lines during flight. •True •FalseFalseWhich component retains the release valve during airbag deflation upon landing? •Rear velcro pad •Front velcro pad •Impeller spout •Connection stripConnection strip