Unit 3 Interests in real estate (exam)

The right of government body to take over ownership of real estate is called ...
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An owner conveys ownership of her residence to her church but reserves for herself a life estate in the residence. The future interest held by the church is aRemainder.New owner of a property installs a fence . By mistake, the fence is over 1 foot onto the neighbors property. this is known as...Encroachment.A homeowner may be allowed certain protection from judgments of creditors as a result of the states...Homestead rights.A hiker has permission to hike on a property from the owner during the autumn months. This hiker has what kind of document?A licence.A homestead is a legal life estate in real estate that isOccupied by a family as their home/house.A homeowner didn't pay the taxes on time, the taxing authority placed what on the home?A lienThe type of easement that is the right-of-way for a utility company's power line is...An easement in gross.The process by which government takes over a property after a owner dies without a will or lawful heirs is called what?Escheat.A landowner has divided a large parcel of land into smaller parcels. This land is landlocked, and can only be accessed through other tracts of land. The courts with probably grant what type of easement.Easement of Neccessity.