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The Five Themes of Geography

Students will identify each of the five themes of geography: Location (absolute and relative), place, region, movement and human-environment interaction. Some questions are definitions and some ask you to name the Theme it refers to.
Tells you where it is (absolute and relative)
What's it like when you get there? Each one has its own physical and human characteristics.
What do the locations have in common?
People and ideas spread and get around!
human-environment interaction
What do the people do to the environment? What does the environment do for the people?
Human Characteristics
Anything manmade: art, language, religion, government, landmarks, bridges, roads etc. What's it like when you get there?
Physical characteristics
Natural features: landforms, water forms, climate, native plants, and native animals. What's it like when you get there?
adapt to, modify, depend on
Build trails and roads; cut down trees
adapt to
wear warm clothes
depend on
use trees for paper, heat, homes
absolute location
The EXACT location of a point on the earth's surface using latitude and longitude.
relative location
Describes location of a point by telling what it is near or what is close by.
An imaginary line around the middle of the earth halfway between the North Pole and South Pole with a latitude of 0.
Half of the earth -- either Northern / Southern, or Eastern / Western
prime meridian
An imaginary line with a longitude of 0 that divides the earth into Western and Eastern hemispheres.
Imaginary lines that measure degrees east or west of the prime meridian
Imaginary lines that measure degrees north or south of the equator

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