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Famous People before the Civil War

Henry Clay
proposed Missouri Compromise and compromise of 1850. known as the Great COmpromiser
John Calhoun
proslavery came up with nullification and had the 1st idea to secede
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which caused an uproar in the South and the North loved this book
Daniel Webster
MA- wanted to save the union more than anything- would compromise on slavery antislavery
Steven Douglass
proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act was antislavery and popular sovereignty went vs. Lincoln in Senate won, for President lost
John Brown
gave up everything to help the slaves raid at Harper's Ferry arrested and killed
Abraham Lincoln
President-wanted to preserve the union and started and ended the Civil War and wanted to stop the spread of slavery
Dred Scott
free black who went to a free state and sued for his freedom went to supreme court and they ruled him property
John Bell
Constitutional Unions candidate for president in 1860 wanted to save the union and compromise on slavery
John Crittenden
Senator from Kentucky who made last effort to save the union by extending the MI compromise line to the Pacific
Jefferson Davis
Mississippi Senator who was president of the Confederacy when states seceded. Thought secession was a last resort.
William Lloyd Garrison
wrote the liberator and spoke out. Wanted to end slavery more than anything and was a strong abolitionist.
Fredrick Douglass
Escaped slave who spoke and wrote the North Star very famous and well educated national hero
Harriet Tubman
escaped slave who went back and saved over 300 more slaves via the Underground Railroad
The Grimke Sisters
2 Southern ladies who saw the evils of slavery and left for the North- spoke antislavery and prowomen
James Kirk Paulding
proslavery form North-leader of proslavery movement thought blacks were inferior to whites and when free caused trouble. He wrote a proslavery book also.