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7th grade civics exam study guide

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a person who owns,operates and assumes the risk for a business venture is called an_______________.
a ________ committee has members from both chambers of congress;they work together to compromise on a final bill that would be approved by both chambers.
__________ powers are powers left to the state, through the 10th amendment. examples include regulating intrastate commerce,establish local governments,administer elections, and protect public welfare.
the more __________ a person has, the more income potential he/she has. a collage graduate will earn a million dollars on average more than a high school graduate in a life time.
consumer sovereignty
____________ _____________ determines what products will be produced.
the ___________ of a state is the head of the executive branch.
violating _________ is illegal for juvenile but not an adult.
division of labor
___________ __ ____________ is the breaking down of a job into separate,smaller tasks to be preformed individually.
profit motive
________ __________ is the driving forces that encourages individuals and organization to improve their material well being.it's why people start businesses.
article VI states that the laws __________ makes shall be "supreme law of the land".
________________ is the economic behavior and decision making by government or whole industries or societies.
___________ commerce is commerce within a state and is regulated by the state.
candidates who are not affiliated with the two major parties get on the general election ballot in most states by ___________.
for whom
three fundamental economics questions are: what to produce,how,and ______ ______?
__________ is the amount of goods and services that producers are able and willing to sell at various prices during a specified time period.
_________ resources includes the knowledge and skills of a person.
free enterprise
_____ ______________ is the economic system in which individuals and businesses are allowed to complete for profit with minimum of government interference.
in order for a bill to become a law in a state or federal governor, either the governor approves the bill by _______________ it or the legislature/congress can override a veto.
federalists believed the best way to protect individual rights was to have a strong ____________ (or federal) government; antifederalists argued for stronger state rights since states are closer to the people.
ideas for a bill can come from ___________.
a _____________ veto occurs when the president doesn't sign the bill for ten days and congress has left. if congress is still in session, then the bill becomes law.
either the state's senate ___________ or the lieutenant governor presides over the senate in the state legislature.
__________ law was the English legal system brought to north america by colonists.
___________ is not having enough resources to produce all of the things would like to have. it forces people to make economic choices.
electoral college
a presidential election is won by the candidate who receives a majority of the __________ ___________ votes.
if the demand decreases, what happens to the price?________.
_____________ is the system of government we have in which the federal government shares power with the state government.
_________ is the money, people, and materials available to accomplish a community's goal. there are natural and human resources.
third parties
smaller minor parties are sometimes called _______ __________.
a __________ is a person who loans someones money to buy an item.
in general,if the price falls for a product, what happens to the demand?__________
___________ commerce is trade between states and is regulated by the federal government.
Gideon v. wainwright
the supreme court case _____________ provides someone charge with a crime a free attorney in a criminal case if one cannot afford representation.
more people live in or near _______ areas in america.
_________ government provide the following services: trash collection,police protection, water/sewage, building permits.
______ amendment of 1920 finally gave women the right to vote.
great depression
the banking failure during the ______ ___________ led to the creation of the federal deposit insurance corporation,FDIC.
__________ include those related to food,shelter, and clothing.
a bill must be sponsored by a ___________ of congress or legislature.
despite the efforts of the civil war amendments(13th-15th), African Americans were still denied the right to vote through literacy tests and ____ taxes in several states.
_____________ is the alternative you face if you decide to do one thing rather than anther.
_________ primaries allow only declared members of a party to vote in a primary.
a candidates gets his/her name on the ballot in the general election.if he/shes wins the most ___________.
examples of _____________ powers are to levy taxes,borrow money,provide for the general welfare, establish courts, creates/enforces laws.
in the 1960's, the supreme courts ruled that election districts must be ____________, meaning based on population and not land.
code of Hammurabi
the first known system of written law was the _______ ___ _____________.
line-item veto
governors,unlike the president, can use a _______-_________ _________.
our judicial system is a mixture of common law and ___________ law.
_____________ is the economics behavior and decision-making by individuals and small businesses.
reading a party's ___________ is the best way to learn about the party's and\or candidates beliefs and positions on elections issues.
_____________ is when people,businesses, religion, and/or nations concentrate on goods and services that they can produce better than anyone else.
___________ is a system in which private citizens own most, if not all,of the means of production and decide how to use them within legal limits.
mixed economy
________ ___________ is a system of combining characteristics of more than one type of economy.
speaker of the house is chosen by the _____________ party in the house ( in both federal and state government).
civil rights act
_____ _______ ____ of 1964 bans discriminated on the basis of gender, race,color, religion,and national origin.
___________ powers are the powers given to federal government by the constitution.
brown v. board of education
______ __ _______ ___ ___________ case said separate was not equal,thus reversing plessy.
George Washington
_________ ____________ warned Americans that political parties may have harmful effects.
two party
the U.S. has a ____ ______ system.
________ is a serious crime,such as murder,rape,kidnapping,or robbery.
__________ powers are those powers shared by the federal and state government.
the president can nationalize the national guard of a state when there is a national ____________.
__________ is the desire,willingness,and the ability to buy a good or services. the demand curve slopes downward.
_______ are things we would like to have, such as entertainment, vacation, or an item, that makes life comfortable and enjoyable.
voluntary exchange
_________ __________ is the act of buyers and sellers freely and willingly engaging in market transactions.
___________ is the study of how individuals and nations make choices about ways to use limited resources to fulfill their needs and wants.
tax bills must begin in the ________ because the it is "closer to the people".
in _______ primaries, one doesn't have to have a party preference.
opportunity cost
____________ _____ is the cost of the next best use of time and money when choosing to do one thing or another.
checks and balances
we have the three branches or government: executive, judicial, and legislative. they use a system of _______ ____ __________ in order to prevent one system to become too powerful.
to override a veto, ___ of congress must vote to do so.