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The westward expansion, and several other post-revolution events.a

Manifest destiny

Manifest destiny is the belief that Americans in the 1800's were meant, by god, to expand from coast to coast. They thought that they were meant to spread freedom and Christianity.

The Louisiana purchase

The president, jefferson, purchased Louisiana territory from the French because Americans needed more room to spread out.

Lewis and clark

Lewis and Clark were sent on an expedition by jefferson to journey out west and explore the new LouIsiana territory.

Indian removal act/trail of tears

The Indian removal act was when President Andrew Jackson made native Americans move out of their territory. The Cherokee Indians were forced to walk for days to reach their new territory many natives died on the trail.

Abolitionist movement

People who were opposed to, and who would strongly protest and fight against slavery. Several famous abolitionists include Lucretia Mott, Harriet Beecher Stowe , and Harriet Tubman.

Uncle toms Cabin

written by harriet beecher stowe in 1853 that highly influenced england's view on the American Deep South and slavery. a novel promoting abolition. intensified sectional conflict.

John brown

abolitionist who was hanged after leading an unsuccessful raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (1800-1858)

Willamette valley

Pioneers who wanted to head out west on the Oregon trail were heading towards the Willamette Valley which was full of promise

Donner Party

A group of pioneers who heard of a shortcut through the Sierra Nevada from a friend, but as soon as they got into it, they came across snow banks that were to high and trecherous to cross they also were trapped and had to resort to cannibalism in the end.

The 36-30 Parallel

As part of the Missouri Compromise, Congress drew an imaginary line at latitude 36,30 N and slavery would be permitted in the Louisiana Purchase south of this line.

The Missouri compromise.

In 1820, there were 11 free states and 11 slave states in the United States. When Missouri applied for statehood, it upset the balance between free and slave states. Senator Henry Clay proposed the Missouri Compromise which would admit Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state.

The compromise of 1850

Slavery becomes outlawed in Washington D.C., California is admitted as a free state, and Utah and New Mexico will determine whether slavery is allowed through popular sovereignty. Also, the Fugitive Slave Law is passed.

Fugitive slave act

a law that made it a crime to help runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest of escaped slaves in areas where slavery was illegal and required their return to slaveholders

Bleeding Kansas

The Nebraska territory would be divided into two halfs, Kansas and Nebraska. , A sequence of violent events involving abolitionists and pro-Slavery elements that took place in Kansas-Nebraska Territory. The dispute further strained the relations of the North and South, making civil war imminent.

Dredd scott

slave who sued for freedom in supreme court and lost

Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

They were missionaries , and a couple, that got married in 1836 and set out for Oregon where they planned to convert local Native Americans to christianity

Independence, Missouri

The city in western Missouri from which many settlers departed to move west across the Oregon Trail, the Sante Fe Trail and other trails.


an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food. Causes diarrhea.

Elizabeth markham

Lady who went crazy on the Oregon trail. She killed her kids and set her wagonnon fire.

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