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regnat populus

the people rule

vox clamantis in deserto

the voice of one crying in the wilderness


i direct



pro ecclesia et patria

for church and country

ad astra per aspera

to the stars through difficulties

scientia sol mentis

knowledge is the light of the mind

urbs in horto

city in a garden

semper fidelis

always faithful

lux et veritas

the light and the truth

semper paratus

always prepared

respice, adspice, prospice

look back, look, look ahead

alis volat propriis

she flies with her own wings

audemus jura nostra defendere

we dare defend our rights

qui transtulit, sustinet

he who transplanted still sustains

virtute et armis

by valour and arms

sic semper tyrannis

thus always a tyrant

crescit eundo

grows by going

in deo speramus

in god we trust

dum spiro, spero

while i breath i hope

e pluribus unum

one out of many

justitia omnibus

justice to all

esse quam videri

to be rather than to seem

labor omnia vincit

work concours all

mihi cura futuri

i care not for the future

ditat deus

god enriches



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