In the summer of 1982, when Mexico announced its inability to meet scheduled debt payments it set off the international debt crisis.
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Germany has a three level savings banking system that consists of local, state and central savings banks.TWhich of the following is NOT one of the 10 largest banks in the world as of 2020?CitigroupA bank's representative office engages in limited banking activities, so it is not allowed to accept domestic deposits through the resources of it's parent bank or branch offices in it's network.FOne special type of subsidiary is an Edge Act corporation.TIBF facilities are limited to time deposits that are a minimum of ____ .Which of the following is NOT the organizational structure of any bank should include?OVERSIGHT BY CLIENTELEIs the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999?TPosition Trading profits from imbalances of price between different markets.FWhich of the following is not a service offered by Investment Banks:DEPOSITSOffshore Financial Center have been traditionally protected through the particular country's banks Secrecy Act, which allows companies to keep secret details of their depositors to regulators of their home countries? *a.TrueOFCs provide advantages for their international clientele, such as confidentiality, tax savings, transfer of assets to heirs, asset protection, accumulation of wealth, and safety of the assets? *a. TrueWhich of the following is a reason for developing a nation's use of OFC?REDUCE OR CONCEALOne of the main objectives of OFCs has been traditionally to ?*c. To provide a customer with security and confidentiality of their financial assetsSpot- contract bind two parties to deliver one currency for another in two business days? TRUE *a.TrueIf two nations are experiencing economic and financial stability, then the exchange rate between the countries is stable and normal. *a.TrueThe three (3) major financial markets are located in:NY, LONDON,TOKYOThe FX market facilitates A. syndicated trading *B. the international trade and payment system C. consortium lending D. cross border lendingThe U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976(FSIA) Gives state and federal courts in the United States exclusive jurisdiction over the matter of sovereignty in any given case brought before then.TThe agreed-upon law governing the loan typically does not specify the forum for resolving disputes.FWhich foreign policy doctrine states that jurisdiction in international investment disputes lies with the country in which the investment is located.*b. Calvo doctrineThe amount of money invested into a company is known as capital.TCapacity is fully determined by the borrowers financial standing and no other factors are considered in this of the five C's of credit.FWhich of the following is NOT one of the five C's of creditCAPABILITY