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WHAT IS NOT A REASON FOR AN OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT?IT ALLOWS FOR BANKS TO MAKE MORE MONEY.WHAT DOES OECD STAND FOR?ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENTUNIVERSAL BANKING: FULLY INTEGRATED FINANCIAL INSTITUTION THAT ACTS AS FINANCIAL SUPERMARKETTRUEWHICH BANK OPENED UP A BRANCH IN BUENOS AIRES IN 1914?CITIBANKIN 2003,_____________WAS CREATED AS A SUPERVISING AGENCY FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (CHINA)CHINA BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION (CBRC)CORRESPONDENT BANKING INVOLVES THE USE OF A BANK THAT ESTABLISHES A REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY PRIMARILY TO ASSIST ITS CLIENTS THAT CONDUCT BUSINESS IN THAT COUNTRY OR NEIGHBORING COUNTRIE.FALSEWHICH OF THESE DOES NOT FALL UNDER OPERATIONS WHEN REFERRING TO THE HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL?CREDITSOUT OF THE TYPES OF BANKING, THERE ARE, WHICH ONE SPECIFICALLY NOT ALLOWED TO DO FOREIGN INVESTMENTS?CORRESPONDENT BANKINGDEREGULATION=EASIER FOR MONEY TO FLOW IN/OUTTRUEIN THE UNITED STATES, THE FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK CHARTERED IN 1781, LATE DUE TO THE DECENTRALIZED MONETARY SYSTEMTRUEUNDERWRITERS COMMITT PURCHASE AT A FIXED PRICE ALL OF THE SECURITIES OFFERED FOR SALE BYTHE ISSUER OFTEN REFERRED TO AS THE MIDDLE MANTRUEWHAT ARE 2 TYPES OF STOCK PREFERRED BY A CORPORATION WHEN UNDERWRITING?COMMON AND PREFERREDWHAT DOES IPO STAND FOR?Initial Public OfferingBANKS USE INDEPENDENT LOCAL-EXHANGE BROKERSFALSEMARKET INTERVENTION IS TO INFLUENCE THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY RATHER THAN EARN A PROFIT, CENTRAL BANKS AND TREASURIES ARE LOSS TAKERS.TRUEWHICH OF THESE ARE NOT TYPES OF TRANSACTIONS?CREDITTHE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SPOT AND FORWARD EXCHANGE RATES AND INTEREST RATES IS KNOWN ASINTEREST RATE PARITYRETAIL BANKING PROVIDES SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALSTRUEPRIVATE BANKING MAKES LOANS FOR HOMES, CARS, AND OTHER PURCHASES.FALSEWHAT KIND OF SERVICES DOES RETAIL BANKING PROVIDE?ALL OF THE ABOVE..WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF GOOD REGIONALIZATION?CITIGROUPIN MANY COUNTRIES, LOCAL CONSTITUTIONS OR STATUTES MAT REQUIRES THAT LOCAL LAW GOVERN FOREIGN LOANSTRUEIt is important, particularly for the lender, that the financing be made as unpredictable and unclear as possible and this is typically done by not structuring the transaction within a legal frameworkFALSEInternational lenders prefer a forum that offers impartial judges experienced in ______ and an adequate number of courts and competent attorneys, so that any litigation may proceed expeditiously.INTERNATIONAL COMMERCEBefore the parties make their final choice of forum, the lender's counsel should ensure that the forum courts will have ____?JURISDICTIONCREDIT ANALYSIS IS THE PROCESS THROUGH WHICH A LENDER DETERMINES A BORROWER'S ABILITYTRUEDETERMINING THE CREDITWORTHINESS OF THE BORROWER IS NOT IMPORTANTFALSEWHAT A RE THE FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED IN CREDIT ANALYSIS?FIVE C'S OF CREDITWHAT DOES AN INTERNATIONAL BANKER DO WHEN PROCESSING A LOAN APPLICATION?GATHER AND ANALYZE RELEVANT INFORMATION1) In Quarter 4 of 2020 how many subscribers did Netflix add to their program? A) 3.9 million B) 2.5 million C) 3.1 million D) *8.5 millionHow much did Netflix achieve in annual revenue? A) 3 million B) 2 billion C) 30 billion D) *25 billionWho is the founder of cryptocurrency? A) Ripple XRP B) Ethereum C) *BITCOINIn what year did the Bitcoin network go live? A) *2009 B) 2007 C) 2013 D) 20141) When interest rates are negative what happens? A) borrowers pay back more than they were lent when their debt comes due B) borrowers pay back less than they were lent when their debt comes due* C) borrowers pay back nothing at all D) none of the above1) All of the following countries have negative interest rates except. A) Denmark B) Sweden C) USA * D) JapanWhat's the average number of shares traded per day over the last 52 weeks on all exchanges? A) Volume B) Average Volume * C) Total Return D) Average CostThe stocks price-per-share to earnings per share ratio? A) Dividend B) Portfolio Diversity C) Price earnings Ratio* Average cost1. An increase in the average level of prices of goods and services. A)Deflation B)Relative Price C)Hyperinflation D)Inflation*1. What is hyperinflation? A)Inflation rate exceeding 100 percent last 2 years B)Inflation rate in excess of 200 percent, lasting at least 1 year* C)Inflation rate less than 100 percent lasting at least 1 year D)None of the above