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Mechanical weathering - plants

plant roots can grow into small cracks and expand the gaps in the rock, breaking the rock apart.

Mechanical weathering - animals

animals such as earthworms, groundhogs and moles can move soil around changing the surface of rocks that is exposed.


the grinding and wearing away of rock surfaces through the mechanical action of other rocks or sand particles - SCRAPING

Mechanical weathering

the process of physically breaking down rock

Chemical weathering

the process by which rocks break down as a result of chemical reactions

Ice wedging

water enters cracks in rocks, freezes, expands, thaws and makes the crack larger.

Chemical weathering - acids in living things

acids in lichen can wear away the surface of rocks

Chemical weathering - oxidation

a chemical reaction in which elements like iron or copper combines with oxygen resulting in rust, etc.

Acids in groundwater

in some places water contains weak acids and can result in caverns

Acid precipitation

rain, sleet or snow that contains high concentrations of acids.

Differential weathering

the process by which softer, less weather resistant rocks wear away and leave harder, more weather resistant rocks behind

Factors that affect weathering

shape of rocks, type of rocks, climate, elevation

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