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Linux Denisia

Fedora And Red Hat
September 1991
The Linux kernel was developed by a Finnish undergraduate student, Linus Torvalds. Linux version 0.01 was released in
Which symbol instructs the shell to redirect the output of a command to the specified file instead of the screen and overwrite the file?
The special character that causes the shell to generate filenames that match any single character in the name of an existing file is
Window Manager
A component of X Window allows customization of the user interface?
SWAP partition
What those Linux uses when all the information that Linux is processing cannot be stored in RAM.
What can be used to modify the size of a logical volume without affecting the user data.
GNU gcc
The C compiler that Linux commonly uses is
The root partition is represented by the following symbol
i386, ppc, and x86_64
Fedora supports what 3 architectures.
What is a desktop tool that acts as a file manager, a browser, and an executor of programs.
In the GNOME environment, the equivalent of a Windows shortcut is called a
Applications, Places, and System menus
The default menus of the GNOME environment are the
as soon as you select them.
Applets included in the GNOME system do not have the OK button. When do all the settings in GNOME take effect?
What commands is used to start X Window from the command line?
PID number
Following the job number, the shell displays what? (a larger number assigned by the operating system)
BSD LPD and System V LPR.
Traditionally, UNIX had two printing systems
system-config-network or iwconfig.
You can configure a wireless NIC by using either
What utility detects and configures new hardware and provides he computer the information it needs about the NIC.
The utility that can be used to copy a file and rename it, including text and executable program (binary) files, is?
What utilities lists the names of files in a single directory.
Using vim, which key is used to delete a single character.
What commands displays the last 10 lines of the file abc.
Whar utility is used to determine the list of users logged on to a specific terminal.
What keystroke is used to exit the editor and save the contents of the file being edited
What utility is used to make your home directory the working directory
What utility is installed by default and helps you upgrade software packages?
absolute path
Which path always starts with a / which is the root directory of the user.
What utility is used to move a process from the background to the foreground?
chmod u+v
Which command is used to ensure that all the users on a computer can execute the new script CoolStuff.
hard links
If you remove what type of links to a file, you will not be able to access the file through a symbolic link.
cd ~
What utility is used to display the pathname of a current working directory.
What utility is used to graphically add and remove software packages in Fedora.
Which operators causes the output to be appended to an existing file.
Which utility is used to view a file one screen at a time?
When working on the vim editor, Which commands would be used to delete an entire line.
What keystroke helps you undo the last change made in the vim editor.
What utility is used to move a file from one directory to another?
What utility is used to search for a particular string within a file or a group of files.
3 Weeks of back up
The following two lines are found in the /etc/logrotate.conf file:
rotate 21
How many weeks' worth of backups will be found in the log directories? 3
The shell dose not wait for the command to finish before it displays a promp and allows you to continue
When a command runs in the background, the shell does not wait for the command to finish before it displays a prompt and allows you to continue.