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cells that transport water in plants xylem

vessel elements, tracheids

portion of fungus breaks off and forms new fungus

vegetative growth

reproduces sexually, common molds


What does the thryroid gland secrete?

thyroxine, calcitonin

What mineral needed to make thyroxine, a thyroid hormone


parasympathetic division is responsible for...

resting and digesting

What vitamin needed for calcium absorption?

Vitamin D

Deficiency from Vitamin K

bruise easily, bleed excessively

causes kidneys to retain sodium


adrenal cortex makes ____

glucocorticoids, mineralocortoids, sex steroids

The liver __ (jobs)

stores glycogen & vitamins, metabolizes fats, produces blood proteins & glucose, detoxifies blood

saclike digestive system, jellyfish, 2 layers of cells make up body walls, radial symmetry ex. hydra, jellyfish


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