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Person who wanted to preserve the country for native-born white citizens.

Trade Union

Organization of workers.


Skilled worker.


Called the '"Talking wire"


Severe food shortage.


Event in which workers refuse to do their jobs.

True or False:A planter was someone who owned at least 10 slaves.


True or False: Slave codes made it a crime for slaves to learn how to read and write.


True or False: Free African Americans made up on fifth's of the South's population by 1860


True or False: Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.


How did clipper ships help the United States

Gain a large share of the world's sea trade.

What victory did Organized factory workers gain in 1842?

Right to strike.

Which group of workers objected to the new railroads?

Wagon drivers.

What generalization can you make about factory conditions in the 1840s?

Workers suffered from extreme temperatures and unsafe equipment.

How did the practice of slavery hurt the development of southern industry?

Slaves had no money to buy manufactured goods.

Which states were apart of cotton kingdom

South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

What was the first state to declare that workers had the right to strike?

MA in 1842

What year did most Irish and German immigrants came into this country?


What fraction of the South was enslaved?


What invention created a boom in the cotton industry?

Cotton gin.

Cyrus McCormick

Made the reaper


one track, it would catch anything close on fire from the sparks, tracks were laid on soft soil so they would collapse, but got goods around faster and helped business.


to think that one race is superior than another or policy or attitude that denies equal rights to certain groups of people.

Salve Codes

kept slaves from running away or rebelling.

John Deere

invented steel plow

Cotton Gin

Separated the seeds from the fibers


wealthy who had large amounts of money from cotton.


Treating a person as if he/she was property

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