Children with a cleft palate may have signs of the following except one:

Other birth defects
Low blood pressure
Hearing problems
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What is the definition of paraplegia?Paralysis of the legs and lower bodyPatients with a red blood cell disorder may show oral signs of mucosal pallor.TrueLeukemia is cancer of the white blood cells that affects bone marrow and circulating blood. Gingival enlargement is an oral manifestation of leukemia.Both statements are trueWhat statements best describe anemia? (select all that apply) Involves an elevation in red blood cells to a higher-than-normal level Occurs more in females than males Cracking or splitting of fingernails Loss of hairOccurs more in females than males Cracking or splitting of fingernails Loss of hairhemiplegiaparalysis of one side of the bodydiplegiaparalysis affecting like parts on both sides of the bodydysphagiadifficulty swallowingaphasiaimpairment of language, usually caused by left hemisphere damage either to Broca's area (impairing speaking) or to Wernicke's area (impairing understanding).A normal CD4 count is:over 500/mm3Which of the following are signs and symptoms of Autism? (select all that answer) Trouble interacting Little or no eye contact Unusual repetitive movements Developmental delaysTrouble interacting Little or no eye contact Unusual repetitive movements Developmental delaysThe following are characteristics of Down syndrome exceptone: Short neck Poor muscle tone larger than normal head Flat facial profilelarger than normal headAll of the following are oral manifestations of Down syndrome except one: Large fissured tongue Class II malocclusion Mouth breathing Increase severity of periodontal diseaseClass II malocclusionPatients with Autism are commonly on anti-depressant medication. Autism occurs more in males than females, and it is an autoimmune disease.The first statement is true. The second statement is falseDown syndrome patients are more likely to experience ear infections and congenital heart defects. They are also prone to leukemia and dementia.Both statements are true.List 4 risk factors for cancer.1. smoking 2. sunlight 3. alcohol 4. virusesA patient with Tourette's syndrome would most likely be taking which of the following types of medications? (select all that apply) Neuroleptics Alpha-adrenergic agonists Anti-seizure AntihistaminesNeuroleptics Alpha-adrenergic agonists Anti-seizureOral manifestations of Tourette's syndrome could include which of the following? Acute parotitis Bruxism Increased caries risk XerostomiaBruxism Increased caries risk XerostomiaRhett Disorder falls under the autism umbrella and mostly occurs in females.TrueTourette's Syndrome is an autoimmune neurological disorder. The average onset of Tourette's is 13-19 years old.Both statements are false.The cardinal symptoms of Diabetes include all of the following except one: Polydipsia Polyuria Polyphagia PolymyalgiaPolymyalgiaCarcinoma derives from connective tissue. Surgery is the most common form of cancer treatment for solid tumors.The first statement is false. The second statement is true.All of the following are oral manifestations related to cancer except one: Sialorrhea Neurotoxicity Mucosistis DysguesiaSialorrheaRisk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes include the following: A. History of Polycystic ovary syndrome B. Inactivity C. Hypertension D. Had Gestational DiabetesAll of the aboveType 2 Diabetes is often non-insulin dependent; Type 1 Diabetes has a clinical feature of a normal to large body build.The first statement is true. The second statement is false.What is the name of the Disease/Syndrome/Disorder that we have studied so far, that includes Trisomy 21 as part of the etiology?Down SyndromeParkinson's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder of neurons that produce dopamine.TrueSigns and symptoms displayed by a person with Parkinson's disease can include all of the following except which one? Shuffling gait Rigidity Drooling Tachykinesia Facial impassiveness Stooped postureTachykinesiaCarbidopa-Levodopa is the most effective medication used by Parkinson's disease patients. Parkinson's is caused by excess consumption of pesticides and herbicides in our food sources.The first statement is true. The second statement is false.Position the COPD patient in an upright or semi upright position in the dental chair.TruePeople with chronic bronchitis (blue bloater) display characteristics of being thin but barrel chested and have dyspnea upon exertion only.FalseAll of the following are signs & symptoms of Emphysema except one. weight loss minimal dry cough dyspnea smokingsmokingCystic fibrosis is an autoimmune disease. It produces a thin watery mucous in the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems.Both statements are falseAlzheimer's is an autoimmune degenerative disease.FalseDeath from Alzheimer's usually results from malnutrition, secondary infections, and pneumonia. Risk factors for Alzheimer's may include a genetic predispositionBoth statements are true.Avoid the use of nitrous with severe COPD patients, but using ultrasonic scalers and air polishers is permitted.The first statement is true. The second statement is falseCholinesterase inhibitors are the standard class of medication used for treating patients with what special condition?AlzheimersDental treatment considerations for Cystic fibrosis include the following except: Anesthetic use is contraindicated Place patient in a semi-supine or upright position Avoid using a rubber dam Assess for possible xerostomiaAnesthetic use is contraindicatedPatients with Cystic fibrosis in the early stage may display which of the following signs and symptoms? (select all that apply) Bulky, stinky stools Recurrent pneumonia bradypnea salty skinBulky, stinky stools Recurrent pneumonia salty skinPlaques and tangles are associated with what special condition?Alzheimer'sWhat special condition uses a technique called Postural drainage as a medical consideration?Cystic fibrosisWhich protein is absent in patients that suffer from Muscular dystrophy?DystrophinWhat type of Muscular dystrophy is primarily limited to males and is the most common?DuchenneSigns and symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy include all of the following: (select all that apply) Muscular wasting small calf muscles waddling gait difficulty wth balanceMuscular wasting waddling gait difficulty wth balanceThis type of Muscular Dystrophy is characterized by the inability to relax muscles following a contraction, and it also known as Steinert's disease.MyotonicWhat disease or disorder is defined as a permanent enlargement or widening of the air spaces in the lung that is accompanied by the destruction of the alveolar walls?EmphysemaWhat special condition or disease is characterized by a symptom called "pill rolling"?Parkinson's diseasePrompt steroid therapy is effective for the treatment of patients with early symptoms of Lyme disease.FalseLyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans through the bite of the black legged tick. Ticks can be attached to a person's body for 36 hours or more before the bacteria can be transmitted.Both statements are true.Systemic Lupus is an autoimmune disease with a strong familial tendency. Lupus affects both men and women equally.The first statement is true. The second statement is false.Arthritis is the most common manifestation of Systemic Lupus. Name 2 other medical health complications with Lupus.Kidney failure (or poor kidney function) Risk of cardiovascular diseaseBoth the oral mucosa and the intestinal mucosa in a patient with Crohn's disease can appear with nodular ulcers that are described as:CobblestonesIf left untreated, Celiac disease can lead to what other condition(s)? (select all that apply) Anemia Infertility Cancer OsteoporosisAnemia Infertility Cancer OsteoporosisName 2 oral manifestations that can be found in a patient with Celiac disease.angular chelitis reoccurrent stomatitisCeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder that occurs in reaction to the ingestion of gluten.TrueCerebral palsy involves a disorder to the part of the brain that directs motor function. Damage to the developing brain can occur during fetal development or after birth.Both statements are true.Butterfly malar rash and Raynaud's phenomenon are associated with this disease:LupusOne risk factor for Cerebral palsy could be an incompatible blood type between mother and child.TrueThe following oral manifestations are associated with Crohn's disease except for which one? Mucosa ulcerations Orofacial granulomatosis-swelling lips and cheeks Osteomyelitis Mucosal tagsOsteomyelitisWhich oral manifestations are commonly found in patients with Cerebral palsy? (select all that apply) Tongue thrust Dysphagia Malocclusion Bruxism Injury/traumaTongue thrust Dysphagia Malocclusion Bruxism Injury/traumaInitial manifestations of patients with Crohn's disease may be diarrhea, but patients still experience weight gain.FalseErythema migrans is associated with what medical condition?Lyme DiseaseName one autoimmune disorder/disease and one hereditary (genetic) disorder/disease that you have learned from this course.Autoimmune: Lupus Hereditary: Cystic fibrosisWhich of the following are risk factors for Osteoporosis? (select all that apply) Low body-mass index Family history Ethnicity Early menopauseLow body-mass index Family history Ethnicity Early menopauseBisphosphonates are used to treat Osteoporosis to increase bone mineral density by increasing osteoblast activity. Bisphosphonates accumulate in mineralized bone over an extended period of time, depending on the duration of treatment.Both statements are trueDiagnosis of Fibromyalgia includes chronic widespread pain for 3 or more months in all 4 quadrants of the body, and 11 out of 18 points must be painful when pressure is applied.TrueSigns and symptoms of Fibromyalgia include all of the following except: Decreased heart rate Fatigue Irritable bowel syndrome Tension headachesDecreased heart rateThe most significant dental complication of ______________ is TMJ involvement which may develop into an anterior open bite.Rheumatoid ArthritisPatients with Fibromyalgia may experience pain from stimuli that isn't normally painful. This is called:AllodyniaSchizophrenic patients may be on antipsychotic medications. These medications have many side effects. One side effect may be difficulty with speech. The medical term for speech difficulty is called:DysarthriaPeople with Bipolar disorder are often taking anti-depressant and mood stabilizer medications. Lithium is most helpful in patients with euphoric mania.Both statements are trueList 2 appointment interventions (dental considerations) for a patient with bipolar disorder:1. Be calm and not have a cluttered op/ office. 2. Use direct and simple instructions.When treating a patient with ___________, there may show signs and symptoms such as fatigue, subcutaneous nodules, and arthralgia.Rheumatoid ArthritisInflated self-esteem and decreased need for sleep are signs of what type of episode in bipolar disorder?Manic episodeThe disorder where the flow of information is disrupted within the brain and between the brain and body due to damage of the myelin and nerve fibers is called:Multiple SclerosisWhich of the following are true about Rheumatoid Arthritis: (select all that apply) Symmetric inflammation of joints It is an autoimmune disease More common in women than men Morning stiffnessSymmetric inflammation of joints It is an autoimmune disease More common in women than men Morning stiffnessThe most common autoimmune disease of the nervous system is:Multiple SclerosisPatients with Schizophrenia are known to have high rates of drug and alcohol abuse.TrueMultiple Sclerosis affects twice as many men as women.FalseThis class of medication is used to block dopamine receptors and are effective in treating positive symptoms of Schizophrenia.AntipsychoticsA depressive episode of Bipolar Disorder includes the following symptoms: (select all that apply) Hopelessness Fatigue Irritability Lack of concentrationIrritabilityList 2 signs and symptoms of Multiple sclerosis:1. Trigeminal neuralgia 2. optic neuritisAdequate calcium and vitamin D intake during adolescence and early adulthood is critical to forming peak bone mass.True