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  1. menstruation
  2. urethra
  3. endometrium
  4. cowper's gland
  5. breast
  1. a the blood lining located inside of the uterus
  2. b the structure that gives sperm a second dose of alkaline
  3. c the passageway for urine in the male and female
  4. d a corresponding rudimentary gland in males
  5. e the release of endometrium or blood lining through the vagina

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  1. the structure that holds the baby while it is growing inside the female
  2. a phase in life when females no longer ovulate or menstruate
  3. the structure that gives sperm its first dose of alkaline to make sperm stronger
  4. the structure inside the testes that produces sperm
  5. organ for sexual intercourse

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  1. erectionthe passageway for urine in the male and female


  2. estrogenfemale hormone


  3. ejaculationthe process when the ova/ovum is released once each month from the ovary(s)


  4. ovulationthe release of semen through the ejaculatory duct


  5. hymensperm, alkaline, alkaline, and fructose


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