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  1. ejaculation
  2. seminiferous tubules
  3. ovum
  4. ova
  5. gynecologist
  1. a refers to one egg
  2. b refers to more than one egg
  3. c the structure inside the testes that produces sperm
  4. d a doctor for females who advises and treats problems of the female reproductive structures
  5. e the release of semen through the ejaculatory duct

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  1. the passageway that carries the ova/ovum to the uterus
  2. the release of endometrium or blood lining through the vagina
  3. the process when the ova/ovum is released once each month from the ovary(s)
  4. female hormone
  5. refers to the sac that holds the ova

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  1. penisorgan for sexual intercourse


  2. vaginafemale sex organ, menstrual flow, birth of a baby and passageway for arriving semen


  3. uterusthe structure that holds the baby while it is growing inside the female


  4. cervixorgan for sexual intercourse


  5. prostate glandfemale hormone