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  1. puberty
  2. seminal vesicle
  3. progesterone
  4. breast
  5. endometrium
  1. a a phase in life when males and females develop their secondary sex characteristics
  2. b female hormone
  3. c a corresponding rudimentary gland in males
  4. d the blood lining located inside of the uterus
  5. e the structure that gives sperm fructose (sugar) for energy

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  1. organ for sexual intercourse
  2. female sex organ, menstrual flow, birth of a baby and passageway for arriving semen
  3. an involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep
  4. the tip of the penis
  5. sperm, alkaline, alkaline, and fructose

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  1. masturbationexcititation of one's own genital organs


  2. menopauseorgan for sexual intercourse


  3. estrogenfemale hormone


  4. epididymusthe structure inside the testes that stores sperm


  5. ovarefers to more than one egg