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  1. vagina
  2. ova
  3. seminal vesicle
  4. puberty
  5. glans
  1. a the tip of the penis
  2. b female sex organ, menstrual flow, birth of a baby and passageway for arriving semen
  3. c the structure that gives sperm fructose (sugar) for energy
  4. d refers to more than one egg
  5. e a phase in life when males and females develop their secondary sex characteristics

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  1. refers to one egg
  2. either of two milk secreting glandular organs on the chest of the female
  3. the structure that gives sperm its first dose of alkaline to make sperm stronger
  4. the structure inside the testes that stores sperm
  5. sperm, alkaline, alkaline, and fructose

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  1. nocturnal emissionthe medical procedure when the foreskin is removed from the penis


  2. menstruationexcititation of one's own genital organs


  3. hymensperm, alkaline, alkaline, and fructose


  4. circumcisionthe release of semen through the ejaculatory duct


  5. seminiferous tubulesthe structure inside the testes that produces sperm


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