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coup d'etat (n)
sudden violent overthrow of a government
démarche (n)
course of action; maneuver
détente (n)
relaxing, as of strained relations between nations
adieu (n)
good- bye; farewell
au revoir (n)
good- bye; till we meet again
billet- doux (n)
love letter
bon mot (n)
clever saying; witty remark; witticism
brochure (n)
pamphlet; booklet
canard (n)
false rumor; absurd story; hoax
cliché (n)
worn- out expression; trite phrase
entre nous (adv)
between us; confidentially
mot juste (n)
exactly right word; most suitable expression
nom de plume (n)
pen name; pseudonym
précis (n)
brief summary
repartee (n)
skill of replying quickly, cleverly, and humorously; witty reply
résumé (n)
1. brief account of experience and qualifications submitted by an applicant for a position; curriculum vitae
2. summary
riposte (n)
1. retort; repartee
2. in fencing, a quick return thrust after a part
tête-à-tête (n)
private conversation between two persons
impasse (n)
deadlock; predicament with no obvious way out; stalemate
liaison (n)
1. bond; linking up; coordination of activities
2. person who establishes and maintains this connection
mélange (n)
mixture; medley; potpourri
mirage (n)
optical illusion
bête noire (n)
dreaded object or person; bugbear
carte blanche (n)
full discretionary power; freedom to use one's own judgement
cause célèbre (n})
famous case in law that arouses considerable interest; issue, person, incident, or situation attracting much attention
contretemps (n)
inopportune occurrence; embarrassing situation; mishap
cul-de-sac (n)
blind alley; dead end
debacle (n)
collapse; disaster; overthrow; rout; fiasco
fait accompli (n)
thing already done
faux pas (n)
misstep; blunder in conduct, manners, speech
entente (n)
understanding or agreement between governments
laissez- faire (n)
doctrine opposing interference by governments in economic affairs; noninterference
lettre de cachet (n)
letter bearing a seal ordering the imprisonment
premier (n)
prime minister
rapprochement (n)
establishment or state of cordial relations; coming together
regime (n)
system of government or rule
avant- garde (n)
experimentalists or innovators in any art
bas- relief (n)
sculpture in which the figures project only slightly from the background
baton (n)
rod a conductor uses to direct an orchestra or band
chef d'oeuvre (n)
chief work; masterpiece in art, literature
denouement (n)
solution untying the plot in a play, story, or complex situation; outcome; end
encore (n)
audience's demand for an additional performance; repetition or additional performance in response to applause
genre (n)
1. kind; sort; category
2. style go painting depicting scences from everyday life
musicale (n)
social gathering with music as the featured entertainment
palette (n)
thin board on which an artist lays and mixes colors
repertoire (n)
1. stock of plays, operas, roles, compositions that a company or individual is prepared to perform
2. collection
vignette (n)
short verbal description; small, graceful literary sketch
a la carte (adv)
according to the menu; dish by dish, from a menu stating the price for each dish
a la mode (adj)
1. according to fashion; stylish
2. with ice cream
aperitif (n)
alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer
bonbon (n)
piece of candy
consommé (n)
clear soup; broth
croissant (n)
rich, flaky crescent- shaped roll
cuisine (n)
style of cooking or preparing food
demitasse (n)
small cup for, or of, strong black coffee
entrée (n)
main dish at lunch or dinner
filet (n)
slice of meat or fish without bones
hors d'oevres (n)
light foods served as appetizers before the regular courses of a meal
pièce de résistance (n)
1. main dish
2. main item of any collection, series, program
soup du jour (n)
soup served in restaurant on a particular day
table d'hôte (n)
complete meal served of several courses offered in a hotel or restaurant at a fixed price