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largest part of the brain that possesses nerve centers for our sensory/motor activities. (reason memory, intelligence, and personality)


outer superficial portion of the cerebrum


bulges in the cerebrum are known as


shallow grooves in the cerebrum are called


deep grooves in the cerebrum are called


the cerebral hemispheres are joined together by a dense bridge of nerve fibers called

corpus callosum

the_____ cerebral hemispheres is oriented more toward emotion and creativity


the ___ cerebral hemisphere is oriented more toward logic and reason


functions as the quality control center for the body's motor activities


part of the brain that coordinated the activities of the nervous and endocrine systems through nerve activity and the release of specific hormones


is responsible for the maintenance of proper body temperature, regulating the sleep/wake cycle, and managing the feelings of thirst and hunger


the interconnected cavities within the cerebrum are collectively called


___ is a collection of structure that ring the edge of the brainstem and play a significant role in both emotion and memory

the limbic system

the parietal lobe of the cerebrum is responsible for the processing of

tactile (touch) stimuli

the processing of auditory and olfactory stimuli occurs in the

temporal lobe of the cerebrum

the processing of visual (optic) stimuli is the responsibility of the cerebrum's

occipital lobe

the ___ is involved in problem solving (logic), foresight, creativity, and expression of thought

frontal lobe

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