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Bio II Flowers review

The products of meiosis in plants are always which of the following?
Which of the following is the correct sequence during alternation of generations in a flowering plant?
sporophyte-meiosis-gametophyte-gametes-fertilization-diploid zygote
Which of the following is true in plants?
Meiosis occurs in sporophytes to produce spores.
All of the following are features of angiosperms except
a small (reduced) sporophyte
Based on studies of plant evolution, which flower part is not a modified leaf?
All of the following floral parts are directly involved in pollination or fertilization except the
A mutation in which of the following floral parts would have the greatest impact on pollination?
stamen carpel
A mutation in which of the following floral parts would have the greatest potential impact on fertilization?
stamen carpel
Which of the following is the correct order of floral organs from the outside to the inside of a complete flower?
All of the following are primary functions of flowers except
Meiosis occurs within all of the following flower parts except the
A perfect flower is fertile, but may be either complete or incomplete. Which of the following correctly describes a perfect flower?
It has both stamens and carpels.
Carpellate flowers
develop into fruits.
Which of the following types of plants is not able to self-pollinate?
In flowering plants, pollen is released from the
In the life cycle of an angiosperm, which of the following stages is diploid?
Where does meiosis occur in flowering plants?
megasporocyte and microsporocyte
Which of the following is a correct sequence of processes that takes place when a flowering plant reproduces?
meiosis-pollination-nuclear fusion-formation of embryo and endosperm
Which of these is incorrectly paired with its life-cycle generation?
Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in a pollen sac?
microsporocyte-meiosis-microspores-mitosis-two haploid cells per pollen grain
Which of the following occurs in an angiosperm ovule?
A megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis.
Where and by which process are sperm produced in plants?
mitosis in male gametophytes
In which of the following pairs are the two terms equivalent?
embryo sac—female gametophyte
Which of the following is the male gametophyte of a flowering plant?
pollen grain
In flowering plants, a mature male gametophyte contains
two sperm nuclei and one tube cell nucleus.
Within the female gametophyte, three mitotic divisions of the megaspore produce
three antipodal cells, two polar nuclei, one egg, and two synergids.
The largest cell(s) of the typical angiosperm embryo sac is (ar(E) the
central cell.
In modern agriculture, what does "terminator technology" refer to?
introduction of genes into a plant that prevent its seeds from maturing
Flowers are made of modified
Which of these is unique to flowering plants?
double fertilization
What is the relationship between pollination and fertilization in flowering plants?
Pollination brings gametophytes together so that fertilization can occur.
Recent research has shown that pollination requires that carpels recognize pollen grains as "self or nonself." For self-incompatibility, the system requires
the rejection of self cells.
In plants, which of the following could be an advantage of sexual reproduction as opposed to asexual reproduction?
genetic variation
Which of the following is true about vegetative reproduction?
It produces clones.
Which of the following is a true statement about clonal reproduction in plants?
Making cuttings of ornamental plants is a form of fragmentation.
The integuments of an ovule function to do what?
form a seed coat
A fruit includes
one or more seeds. the ovary wall.
A fruit is a (an)
mature ovary.
Which of the following conditions is needed by almost all seeds to break dormancy?
What is typically the result of double fertilization in angiosperms?
Both a diploid embryo and triploid endosperm are formed.
Which of the following statements regarding the endosperm is false?
It develops from the fertilized egg
In angiosperms, products of the terminal cell become the
proembryo and the cotyledons.
Which of the following statements is correct about the basal cell in a zygote?
It forms the suspensor that anchors the embryo.
What is the embryonic root called?
A plant that has small, green petals is most likely to be
Pollen grain is to ________ as ________ is to female gametophyte.
male gametophyte; embryo sac
A seed develops from
an ovule.
Fruits develop from
The first step in the germination of a seed is usually
imbibition of water.
The first step in the germination of a seed is usually
obtain a dependable water supply.
Regardless of where in the world a vineyard is located, in order for the winery to produce a Burgundy, it must use varietal grapes that originated in Burgundy, France. The most effective way for a new California grower to plant a vineyard to produce Burgundy is to
graft varietal Burgundy grape scions onto native (Californian) root stocks.
The most immediate potential benefits of introducing genetically modified crops include
increasing crop yield.