BJU Life Science 4th edition Chapter 12

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polyphydra body typemetamorphosisA complete change or transformationmoltingProcess in which an arthropod sheds its exoskeleton and replaces it with a new one4 stages of complete metamorphosisegg, larva, pupa, and adultsessileunable to move from place to placehydrostatic skeletonsupport system of a jellyfishgastrovascular cavitywhere a jellyfish digests its foodPlatyhelminthesWhat phylum are flatworms in?longitudinal nervea nerve that extends the length of an organism's body.transverse nerveA nerve that extends from one side of an organism's body to the other sideeye spotson flatworms, shallow pits lined with light sensitive cellsganglion"simple brain"NematodaPhylum of RoundwormsAnnelidaphylum of EarthwormsMolluscaPhylum of snails, clams, and octopizoologythe study of animals3 animals in Phylum Echinodermatastarfish, sea cucumbers, sand dollars, sea urchinsArthropodaphylum with the most species of any animal phylumHow does a sponge obtain food?filter feedersnematocystsstinging cells of a jellyfishexamples of Cnidarianshydras, jellyfish, corals, sea anenomes, Portuguese man-of-warsbilateral symmetrysymmetry of flatwormsparasiticlives off of a hoststimulussomething that causes a reaction in an organismhermaphroditiccontains both male and female reproductive partsAre all roundworms parasitic?noexample of a roundwormAscaris, hookworm, pinwormexamples from Phylum Annelidaearthworms, leeches, sandworms, firewormsHow do clams move?muscular footHow many tentacles does an octopus have?eightHow do octopi move quickly?forces water through a siphonHow do starfish move?water vascular system and tube feetphylum that has the most speciesArthropodaexamples from Phylum Arthropodainsects, crustaceans, centipedes, millipedes, arachnids3 body parts of an insecthead, thorax, abdomencompound eyestype of eyes that insects haveopen circulatory systemBlood is not contained in arteries and veins but bathes the tissues and organs directlynymphsInsects in the developing stages of incomplete metamorphosis

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