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Micr221 Final Exam Study 5 More Labs - TSIA

Is triple sugar iron agar differential, selective, or enriching?
TSIA contains which three carbohydrates, one at 0.1%, and two 1% concentrations?
glucose, lactose and sucrose
What two other compounds are in TSIA?
ferrous ions and phenol red
Which four things can be quantified/ noted from each tube? (alphab)
butt, gas, hydrogen sulfide, slant
Fermentation, an acid-producing reaction, will turn the tube which colour?
An alkaline reaction due to the aerobic utilisation of organic acids by enteric bacteria when fermentable subtrates have been used turns the tube what colour?
Deep red
If bacteria produce H2S (hydrogen sulfide) it will react with the ferrous ions to produce iron sulfide to form a what?
black precipitate
TSIA differentiates which types of bacteria?
gram-negative enteric bacilli