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All of these are legal ways to express a legal description EXCEPT:
a)lot and block
b)metes and bounds
c)rectangular survey
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A metes-and-bounds description is NOT required in rectangular survey system descriptions when:
a) A tract is too large to be described by quarter sections
b) Describing an irregular tract
c) A tract is too small to be described by quarter-sections
d) A tract does not follow the lot or block lines of a recorded subdivision or section
What is the square footage of this property described by the metes-and bounds method? Beginning at a point on the southerly side of Smith Street, 200 feet easterly from the corner formed by the intersection of the southerly side of Smith Street and the easterly side of Johnson Street; then east 200 feet; then south 100 feet; then west 200 feet; then north 100 feet to the POB a) 5,000 square feet b) 10,000 square feet c) 15,000 square feet d) 20,000 square feetD) 20,000 square feetThe end of a metes-and-bounds land description is always a: a) monument b) benchmark c) point of beginning d) base lineC) Point of beginningThe lot-and-block system starts with the preparation of: a) a subdivision plat b) a range map c) a survey d) an air lotA) Subdivision PlatRefer to the example plat for Honeysuckle Hills Subdivision when answering questions 14 through 20 Which lot in Block A has the MOST frontage on Jasmine Lane? a)1 b)2 c)7 d)11C) 7How many lots have easements? a) 1 b) 3 c) 4 d) 6C) 4Which road or roads run east and west? a) Wolf and Jasmine b) Carney and Goodrich c) Wolf only d) Goodrich only)A) Wolf and JasmineWhich of these lots has the LEAST street exposure? a) Lot 3, Block A b) Lot 15, Block B c) Lot 9, Block A d) Lot 10, Block BA) Lot 3, Block ABeginning at the intersection of the west line of Carney Street and the north line of Wolf Road, running west 140 feet, then north 120 feet, then north 50 degrees east 120 feet, then following the southeasterly curvature of the south line of Jasmine Lane for 100 feet, then south 120 feet to POB. To which lot does this description refer? a) Lot 15, Block B b) Lot 8, Block A c) Lot 7, 8, and 9, Block A d) Lot 8 and 9, Block AB) Lot 8, Block AIf lot 13 and lot 14, Block A were combined into one parcel, how many square feet would it contain? a) 1, 020 b) 19,800 c) 21,600 d) 22,800C) 21, 600If a buyer is willing to pay $3 per square foot for lot 10, Block A, how much would the buyer be willing to pay for the land? a) $20,600 b) $24,000 c) $28,000 d) $32,400D) $32,400