Nutrition exam #2

1 ) Describe the structure of a fatty acid - indicate the names of each end
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Triglycerides are composed of..
Three fatty acid molecules + One glycerol molecule

The shape of a triglyceride is determined by the -
saturation of the carbon chains

-Saturated fats - can pack tightly together due to straight figure = more solid
stay solid at room temperature

-Unsaturated fats - have at least 1 double bond
Double bond causes "kinks" that prevent fatty acids from packing tightly together = more fluid
liquid at room temperature
Image: 2) Describe the structure of triglycerides
Saturation - how many of the carbons have a hydrogen

-Saturated fatty acids: no double bonds
have hydrogen atoms surrounding every carbon in the chain
-Monounsaturated fatty acids: have one double bond
lack hydrogen atoms in one region
-Polyunsaturated fatty acids: have two or more double bonds
lack hydrogen atoms in multiple locations