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JAHS Mr. Harvey's WWII Final Dates

September 1, 1939
German forces move, unannounced into Poland
September 3, 1939
France and Britain declar war on Germany
June 22, 1940
France signs armistice with Germany (surrenders)
June 1941
Germany attacks the Soviet Union
December 7, 1941
Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
December 8, 1941
United States declares war on Japan
December 11, 1941
Germany and Italy declare war on United States
October 1942
B & General Bernard Montgomery defeated the Gs & Rommel @ Battle of El Alamein
June 6, 1944
D-Day, Allies invade beaches of Normandy
October 1944
The battle of Leyte Gulf began (in the Philippines)
December of 1944
Beginning of the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler's last act of desparation to break through in Belgium
May 2, 1945
Hitler found dead
May 7, 1945
Germany surrenders
May 8, 1945
V-E Day
August 6, 1945
Little boy dropped on Hiroshima
August 9, 1945
Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki.
August 15, 1945
V-J Day