English 11 A - Final Exam

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Part A: which statement best expresses how the author achieves a particular purpose in paragraphs 5 and 6

Part B: select two details from the passage that together best support the answer to Part A
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imagine that the wave carrying the surfboard did not come from the wind, but instead were generated by an engine on the surfboard itself, and you'll understand the concept of warp drive.

concepts are great, but can we learn to actually squeeze and stretch space like the spandex of our workout pants?
central idea 1: fiction can persuade people to believe what had seemed impossible might actually be possible.

evidence for central idea 1: "... when did warp change from an imaginary technology to an actual theory study by real-life scientist?"(p. 8)

central idea 2: scientist are sometimes satisfied with developing theories when technology is lacking.

evidence for central idea 2: "... he only wanted to know if general relativity allowed for the possibility of warp speed...."(p. 13)
which word has a similar meaning to vehemently as it is used in paragraph 8 of the article?energeticallyPart A: which statement best expresses two central ideas of "the suffrage war"? Part B: which summary provides the best support for the answer to Part A?Part A: women were patriotic, and they were determined to be treated as equals. Part B: the women continue to urge Congress and the President to give them voting rights while actively participating in organizations such as women's committee of the council of national defense.he wasn't the only scientist to come up with a particular idea, but his version had the most impact. he built upon the ideas of other scientist and developed a theory that solve a problem the other scientist had encountered. although he means an approximations that he did not confirm an allowed, other scientists' experiments proved his approximations were accurate. his ideas have influenced other scientists' ideas about the matter.yes no no yeswhich two phrases best describe ways Einstein's ideas have benefited modern society, based on information in the article?diagnosis of diseases generation of electricitywhich statement best reflects two central ideas of paragraphs 1-5?scientists used to think mass and energy were distinct, but Einstein prove they were linked.which detail from paragraphs 7-9 best supports the meaning of the term photon?"... two charge particles exchanging one light particle..."how did Feynman's theory of quantum electrodynamics improve upon earlier theories?by incorporating one theory into another to explain the interconnection electricity, magnetism, and lightselect an order for key ideas to create a summary of the article1: there were a number of important advancements in physics while Richard Feynman was growing up. 2: Richard Feynman developed a theory that came to be known as quantum electrodynamics. 3: Feynman's theory explains how the exchange of "virtual" photons helps electrically charged particles exert electric and magnetic forces on each other. 4: although he accomplished many things, Feynman's most important contribution to science was his work with quantum electrodynamics.Part A: how does the author most effectively support her view about Einstein's equation in the passage? Part B: select two quotations from the passage that best support the answer to Part A.Part A: by providing quotes and examples from experts, she supports her view that Einstein's equation is extraordinary. Part B: "...detailed measurements 'show that Einstein's equation works perfectly....'"(p. 11) " 'nowadays Einstein's equation is used everyday in medicine' adds Cristina Lois...."(p. 14)