Chapter One

Which utility sends custom TCP/IP packets?
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How does BPDU guard provide protection?It detects when a BPDU is received from an endpoint.Which type of monitoring methodology looks for statistical deviations from a baseline?Anomaly monitoringLeah is researching information on firewalls. She needs a firewall that allows for more generic statements instead of creating specific rules. What type of firewall should Leah consider purchasing that supports her need?Policy-based firewallWhich of the following is NOT a firewall rule parameter?VisibilityIn which of the following configurations are all the load balancers always active?Active-activeWhich of these appliances provides the broadest protection by combining several security functions?UTMWhich of the following contains honeyfiles and fake telemetry?High-interaction honeypotWhich device intercepts internal user requests and then processes those requests on behalf of the users?Forward proxy serverMaja has been asked to investigate DDoS mitigations. Which of the following should Maja consider?DNS sinkholeWhich statement regarding a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is NOT true?It contains servers that are used only by internal network users.Which is an IPsec protocol that authenticates that packets received were sent from the source?AHWhat is the name of the fields in an X.509 digital certificate that are used when the parties negotiate a secure connection?Certificate attributesWhat entity calls in crypto modules to perform cryptographic tasks?Crypto service provider_____ are symmetric keys to encrypt and decrypt information exchanged during the session and to verify its integrity.Session keysWhat is the name of the device protected by a digital certificate?CNWhat is the strongest technology that would assure Alice that Bob is the sender of a message?Digital certificateOlivia is explaining to a friend about digital certificates. Her friend asks what two entities a digital certificate associates or binds together. What would Olivia say?The user's identity with their public keyA centralized directory of digital certificates is called a(n) _____.Certificate repository (CR)Elton needs his application to perform a real-time lookup of a digital certificate's status. Which technology would he use?Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)What is the purpose of certificate chaining?To group and verify digital certificatesWhich of the following is NOT a means by which a newly approved root digital certificate is distributed?Application updatesWhich block cipher mode of operating requires that both the message sender and receiver access a counter that computes a new value whenever a ciphertext block is exchanged?CTRWhich is the first step in a key exchange?The web browser sends a message ("ClientHello") to the server.What is the file extension for a Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard based on PKCS#7 that defines a generic syntax for defining digital signature and encryption?P7BHow is confidentiality achieved through IPsec?ESPWhich refers to a situation in which keys are managed by a third party, such as a trusted CA?Key escrowWhich is a protocol for securely accessing a remote computer in order to issue a command?Secure Shell (SSH)