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Chapter 10 Reconciliation

Examinations of Conscience
A review of ones personal life through a series of questions about how well we have responded to God's call
Another name for the sacrament of Reconciliation
To Be Sorry
The meaning of the word "repent"
Coming Back Together
The meaning of the word "reconciliation"
The release from the guilt of sins, given by a priest or bishop by the power of God
The Community
One of the primary symbols in the sacrament of Reconciliation
The primary means of reconciliation between sinners and God in the early Church
Seal of Confession
A term that underlies the confifentiality of confession
Personal Sin Alienation
actions, thoughts, words, or deeds that alienate us from ourselves, others and God
means "deadly"
Priest representation in Reconciliation
in order to make a good confession you have to honestly face the sin first. you then share the sin with a priest who represents both God and the whole Christian community
People seek forgiveness for..
people do not seek forgiveness "in general" or resolve to change "in general." They name specific attitudes and behaviors that they find to be trouble spots in their relationships with God and others
Point of the parable of the prodigal son
God's loving forgiveness is always present, always offered; but to experience God's forgiveness, we must make a turnaround, acknowledging that we have sinned, are sorry for it, and want to change. This conversion is celebrated in the sacrament of Reconciliation
How to experience God's forgiveness
you can do this by acknowledging your sins. experiencing forgiveness can be profoundly healing and a great help to growth in Christian maturity and love
The best way a person can show genuine repentance for sins
through prayer, deeds of kindness, sacrifices, and good intentions
The role of the priest, who represents God and the Church in Reconciliation
reminds you of God's enduring love for us. you confess your sins to him
1. a person can sin simply by not speaking up against another's sin.

2. a conversion of heart comes about through the holy spirit at work in us.

3. sin always involves the harming of a relationship.

4. the priest is bound not to tell what he hears in confession, EVEN in the case of murder.