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All Vocabulary Words for English Final

all of 'em!
querulous (adj)
full of complaints
neurotic (n)
a person who is unusually anxious
periphery (n)
the boundary of an area
imperious (adj)
having a haughty manner
unobtrusively (adv)
without detection
unnerved (adj)
deprived of courage
fiends (n)
villans, Satan
explicitly (adv)
clearly expressed
civic (adj)
pertaining to a city
apprehend (v)
to take into custody
red tape (n)
legal procedure
crullers (n)
a rich, light dessert
ulcers (n)
a sore found on skin
exasperation (n)
extreme annoyance
restlessly (adv)
anxiously, uneasily
lethargic (adj)
invalid (n)
someone who is bedridden
illuminating (adj)
giving off light
incorrigible (adj)
insinuate (v)
to hint, imply
elation (n)
great joy
cynical (adj)
suspicious of others' actions
warden (n)
head of a jail
fortitude (n)
strength of mind and character
sentamentalist (n)
someone who is sensitive
retinence (n)
the state of being reluctant or quiet
tyrant (n)
a dictator
magisterial (adj)
pertaining to a master
aloofness (n)
coldness, distance
innumerable (adj)
hanged (v)
to be put to death by strangulation
scaffold (n)
the platform where a person waits to be hanged
anteroom (n)
a room before a room
valiant (n)
an extremely brave person, a hero
malice aforethought (n)
thought put into commiting a crime
oscillation (n)
wave-like motion
grimace (n)
a facial expression
chaplain (n)
priest of a jail
deliberating (v)
to consider something
clericals (n)
garmet worn by a priest
denounce (v)
to voice one's disagreement, to condemn
mince (v)
to walk in a dainty manner
indignation (n)
contemptible (adj)
miser (n)
a person who is not generous
thrasing (n)
a beating
morose (adj)
eloquence (n)
smooth way of talking
flog (v)
to whip a horse
shirk (v)
to avoid duties
subversive (adj)
enmity (n)
anger, hatred
cryptic (adj)
piebald (adj)
spotted black and white
vivacious (adj)
saucy, passionate
rebellion (n)
an organized oppostition of authority
posthumorus (adj)
after death
retinue (n)
group of followers
expound (v)
to explain in detail
allegory (n)
the use of characteristics that are symbolic of human actions
cautionary tale (n)
a tale that tells a warning
power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
propaganda (n)
lies that are spread to further someone
utopia (n)
an ideal place that does not exist
dystopia (n)
the opposite of a utopia, reality
satire (n)
a spoof, an act that makes fun of well known people
Winter Palace (n)
the home of the Csar's
St. Petersburg (n)
capitol of Russia
Communist Manifesto (n)
book written by Karl Marx that talked of his ideas of communism
Leon Trotsky (n)
man who was thrown out of the Bolshevik party
Vladimir Lenon (n)
leader of Bolshevik party
Ocober Revolution/ February Revolution
revolutions part of the bigger Russian revolution
Joseph Stalin (n)
man who was part of the Bolshevik party
Pravda (n)
a newspaper that printed lies
Bolsheviks (n)
political party that threw out the leader on Russia, Tsar Nicholas II
Mensheviks (n)
political party that tried to overthrow the Bolsheviks
Anastatsia (n)
princess of Russia, Tsar Nicholas' daughter
Tsar Nicholas II (n)
king of Russia, thrown out of power and killed by the Bolsheviks
Karl Marx (n)
author of Communist Manifesto
Secret Police (KGB) (n)
an organization that worked secretly with the political party not in power