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cash crop

a crop grown for profit


a person that is the owner of a large estate or manor. promises to settle 50 europeans on the land. can charge what ever they want for rent.

back country

the back part of the country isolated and remote. the area along the easter slopes of the appalachian moutains.

propriety colony

land given by the king to one or more people that are called propieters. they can divide or rent the land . they can make laws to go along with the land.

William Penn's "holy experiment"

wanted a land of freedom and peace. with no violoence with indians or other settlers. treated people fairly

what people settled in the middle colonies?

Ethnic: french,Swededs,german,irish,dutch,welsh,scots,english,africans. Religion: pretestants,quakers,jews,catholics.

why were the middle colonies know as the breadbasket colonies?

they had an abundance of wheat,rye, and other grain. bread was a crucial part of their diet. they ate over one pound of grain a day. the rich soil was perfect for farming and they had farmiing methods from dutch and germans.

what was life like in the back country?

dense forest-clear land, lots of springs and streams, along the interior fromtier, log cabins, equlity, clans.

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