Revel Ch 2 Test

Which of these individuals is demonstrating a belief, as opposed to an attitude or a value?
Bekkah realized that she really likes competitive swimming.
Tyler figured out why he dislikes math so much.
Norris feels that abortion is wrong.
Jessa thinks her team is the best in the division
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Which person is demonstrating conscious competence?
a teenager who realizes everyone else in her gym class can jog one mile, but she cannot
a man who is aware he knows how to ski but has to focus and concentrate to avoid falling
a woman who sits down and plays the piano beautifully without even thinking about it
a child who is unable to ride a bicycle and is unaware that the skill even exists
Parents of teenage drivers often remind their children not to text or talk on the phone while driving because they need to be conscious of and focus on driving the car. What characteristic do these parents want their children to demonstrate while driving?
the looking-glass self
The avoidant attachment style can best be described as __________.
feeling a bit uneasy in some interactions and relationships
making connections with someone who is extremely anxious
failing to show affection toward parents, siblings, or close friends
experiencing considerable discomfort and awkwardness when expressing or receiving intimacy
Priya is embarrassed that her coworkers know about the minor car crash she had on the way to work and doesn't know what to say. She tries to "save face" by joking that she needs to take driver's education again with all the high school kids. Her joking comment is an example of __________ facework.
Sarah was told at the end of her first interview that she didn't get the job. On the way home, she tells herself this is only one person's opinion and her qualifications will be suitable at another company. What concept is she using? reframing social learning social comparison visualizationreframingAfter talking with her coworker, Lydia realized that while she thought her design skills were not that great, her colleagues considered her to be a highly skilled graphic designer and an asset to the company. Knowing this gave Lydia more confidence during her presentation for the new company logo. What helped shape Lydia's confidence? a self-fulfilling prophecy self-disclosure becoming other-oriented the need for affectionbecoming other-orientedPeople who have a higher level of responsiveness tend to __________. focus more on looking out for their own interests make more requests of others take a longer time to respond to situations be more sympathetic to the needs and feelings of othersbe more sympathetic to the needs and feelings of othersWhich situation demonstrates symbolic interaction theory? picturing particular images and symbols in order to save face realizing that some words are powerful because they force people to react keeping the larger picture in mind rather than focusing on a minor unhappy incident decoding a hidden message after listening to a critical evaluation from a superiorrealizing that some words are powerful because they force people to reactWhen Xavier hosts a dinner party, he makes sure people are seated next to someone they feel comfortable talking to so that no one feels left out. Which primary social need is Xavier addressing when he makes his seating arrangement? affection inclusion openness controlinclusion