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The name the Aztecs referred to themselves

Vicente Guerrero

Political ally of Santa Anna who began the conservative element of the Independence Movement.


El Grito____de was said by a Spanish monk from a bell tower.

Gen. Winfield Scott

American General that defeated Mexico in 1847


Las Guerras_____caused the chaos that produced Mexican independence.


They lost their special colonial status with the passage of the Constitution of 1824


Indian civilization present in the Valley of Mexico when the Aztecs arrived.

El Masacre de Guanajuato

This massacre swung popular support was from the Indian revolt in 1810

James Knox Polk

He ran for President for the U.S. on a hawk platform

Gral. Juan Álvarez

This general overthrew Santa Anna for the last time in 1855

Gen. Zachary Taylor

This U.S. general led American troops into the disputed territory of southern Texas in 1846


Aztec god of destruction; Mayan god of victory

Messila Valley

This valley was sold to the U.S. as "The Gadsden Purchase"


The Spanish Cortes moves to this southern city when Napoleon invades Spain in 1808


Swampy lake that Mexico City sits on

Abraham Lincoln

U.S. congressman from Illinois who wanted to know the "spot" where American blood was shed in Texas.


The "upper" part of this Mexican territory was part of the land ceded in the U.S. in 1848


Santa Ana owned a champion one of these


Mexican state that was owned almost entirely by Santa Anna's family

Stephen Austin

The capital of Texas is named for this Texan representative to the Mexican Congress


One of the Santa Anna's famous titles was the "Hero of ___"

José Morelos

Second leader of the Indian revolt, he was caught and executed in 1815

Gral. José Joaquín de Herrera

He was overthrown "por la desgracia nacional" of losing Texas.

Buena Vista

This battle turned the tide of the Mexican-American War.


Aztec sun god

Rio Nueces

The border dispute in Texas between U.S. and Mexican forces took place when Americans crossed the river


Political party that supported Santa Anna

El Plan de Iguala

This "Plan" is a 23-article document drafted by independence conspirators in 1821


Last name of Emperor Agustin I


Padre_____began the Mexican war for independence to help Indians


El Movimiento de los______was the Spanish name for the Enlightenment


The Treaty of _______-Hidalgo ended the "War With the United States."


The language of the Aztecs

Santa Anna

Charismatic dictator who lost the Mexican-American War


Mexico City was first named after this first Aztec emperor

Gral. Anastasio Bustamante

Santa Anna's arch-nemesis and leader of Centralista Party


The administration of the Viceroyalty of New Spain changes with the beginning of this Spanish ruling family

Manuel Félix Fernández Guadalupe Victoria

First elected president of Mexico

President James Monroe

First U.S president to formally recognize Mexico


Spanish term for the body part Santa Anna lost in battle then held a funeral for.

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