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  1. deletion
  2. prophase
  3. substrates
  4. heterozygous
  5. ATP
  1. a When a portion of a chromosome is missing or breaks off.
  2. b Two alleles; one dominant and one recessive is said to be ______.
  3. c The energy molecule that cells use is called _________________
  4. d Enzymes attach to molecules called __________that undergo chemical reactions in the body
  5. e Cell begins to undergo Mitosis by coiling up chromosomes

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  1. The actual moving of homologous chromosomes to pair up during prophase I is called
  2. all life is made of cells which are the basic units of life and must come from preexisting cells is called the ________.
  3. In order for your body to undergo reactions and normal body function, it requires _____.
  4. The shape of the DNA molecule.
  5. What are the two products of photosynthesis?

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  1. cell membraneChromatids of a chromosome attach to spindle fibers by the ___________


  2. organicReplaces the Thymine in an RNA molecule.


  3. incomplete dominantmicrscope containing two lenses and used in common high school labs


  4. fertilizationThe process of a sperm uniting with an egg is called __________.


  5. gametesAlternate forms of a gene are called ______________.