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  1. ATP
  2. rRNA
  3. animals cells
  4. concentration gradient
  5. aerobic respiration
  1. a The energy molecule that cells use is called _________________
  2. b Which type of cells do not have a cell wall?
  3. c glycolysis, krebs and electron transport chain are all steps in
  4. d Diffusion continues until there is no ____________.
  5. e A globular RNA that is combined with special protein that makes up a ribosome

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  1. Acids have a pH _______ than seven.
  2. The metric base unit for length is
  3. A gene is a segment of DNA that controls the production of ________.
  4. The light reaction and calvin cycle are two parts to ________________
  5. The phase of meiosis when homologous chromosomes line up in two lines along the mid-line of the cell is called

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  1. active TransportChromatids of a chromosome attach to spindle fibers by the ___________


  2. compound lightmicrscope containing two lenses and used in common high school labs


  3. MendelAcids have a pH _______ than seven.


  4. dependent variableThe variable being tested in an experiment


  5. responseChromosomes line up along midline