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  1. concentration gradient
  2. cancer
  3. dynamic Equilibrium
  4. animals cells
  5. sex chromosomes
  1. a Diffusion continues until there is no ____________.
  2. b uncontrolled division of cells creates a tumor that can spread resulting in
  3. c Which type of cells do not have a cell wall?
  4. d The 23rd set of chromosomes is called ______.
  5. e When diffusion slow down and stops __________ is reached.

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  1. When a portion of a chromosome is missing or breaks off.
  2. Two or more elements chemically bonding together is called a _____________.
  3. The three main parts of a cell
  4. Division of body cells
  5. Royal hemophilia is the result of _____________ inheritance

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  1. 2A substance that forms hydrogen ions in water is an


  2. eukaryotic cellsA cell with a nucleus and membrane bound organelles is termed ____________.


  3. rRNAShort hair-like; used for movement


  4. aerobicReducing 78 chromosomes to 39 is the result of ___________


  5. nucleusProtons and neutrons are located in the __________ of an atom.