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  1. meiosis
  2. ribosome
  3. gene Therapy
  4. deoxyribose
  5. uracil
  1. a nasal spray allowing good genes to enter and person's body
  2. b The sugar of a DNA molecule.
  3. c What cell division reduces the number of chromosomes by 1/2?
  4. d Replaces the Thymine in an RNA molecule.
  5. e the site of protein synthesis

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  1. The metric base unit for length is
  2. Two alleles; one dominant and one recessive is said to be ______.
  3. The energy molecule that cells use is called _________________
  4. The longest phase of the cell's cycle.
  5. What monitors the cell's cycle from phase to phase?

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  1. prophaseCell begins to undergo Mitosis by coiling up chromosomes


  2. neutronsProteins contain what element that fats and carbohydrates don't have?


  3. literThe metric unit for volume is


  4. heredityThe passing of traits from parents to offspring is called __________.


  5. sex chromosomesThe 23rd set of chromosomes is called ______.