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  1. liter
  2. codominant
  3. pyruvic acid
  4. nucleus
  5. nitrogen
  1. a The metric unit for volume is
  2. b During the first step of respiration, glucose is broken down into
  3. c Control Center of Cell
  4. d Proteins contain what element that fats and carbohydrates don't have?
  5. e Blood types are the result of ______________ inheritance

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  1. Storage sacs
  2. nasal spray allowing good genes to enter and person's body
  3. metals and nonmetals form __________ compounds
  4. The process which burns glucose to produce energy.
  5. The energy molecule that cells use is called _________________

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  1. organicAll carbon compounds are called ___________________.


  2. chemical reactionBurning of paper is an example of a ______________ reaction.


  3. point mutationA DNA segment that's changed from CAT to GAT while being copied is called


  4. recessive allelesElectrons move about the nucleus in regions called ____________.


  5. cancerpH of 13 is considered a strong ____________.