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  1. ionic
  2. ATP
  3. deoxyribose sugar
  4. cell membrane
  5. aerobic
  1. a The backbone of a DNA molecule is made up of a phosphate
  2. b Boundary of the cell
  3. c The most efficient type of respiration is ______.
  4. d The energy molecule that cells use is called _________________
  5. e metals and nonmetals form __________ compounds

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  1. The type of microscope which has the greatest magnification
  2. Research that's reported in numerical form with charts and graphs.
  3. Chromatids separate at the centromere
  4. The longest phase of the cell's cycle.
  5. Reducing 78 chromosomes to 39 is the result of ___________

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  1. respirationThe dropping off of amino acids for protein assembly is called ______.


  2. experimentA test of a hypothesis


  3. covalentnonmetals form ___________ compounds with other nonmetals


  4. cytoplasmGuanine always bonds to what nitrogen base?


  5. theoryA scientific explanation that's been tested over time is a _________.