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40 terms

Educational Technology

everything that the learner is taking in, not just the material
short-term memory
7+/- 2 items, 2-3 seconds
sensory register
the part of the information-processing system where sights and sounds are represented directly and stored briefly, .01 seconds
cells that detect conditions in the body's environment
long term memory
the relatively permanent and limitless storehouse of the memory system.
response generator
determines form of response
carries out response
the courses of study that make up the total school program
a curriculum module dealing with a single broad study area
an instructional module dealing with a single topic within a course
an instructional module dealing with a single specific concept within a unit
instructional block
the smallest unit of instruct, usually 1 block= 1 lesson
system software
software that is used to control the most basic operations of a computer
an assessment instrument designed to measure complex behaviors
linked or interactive media
instructional game
software designed to motivate learning by fostering competition between users of the package
a software program written with the specific purpose of doing harm to a computer's data, software, or hardware
acceptable use policy (AUP)
a document designed by schools that explains the risks of using the Internet and explains the school's access rules for students and teachers
software type that models real or imaginary systems
software piracy
copying and/or using a software package in violation of copyright law
software that prevents access to specific locations on the internet
computer product that incorporates text, sound, graphics, and/or video in the same product
type of instructional software that offers a complete sequence of instruction on a given topic
problem solving software
instructional software function that either teachers specific steps for solving certain problems or helps the student learn general problem-solving behaviors
drill and practice software
an instructional software function that presents items for students to work on and gives feedback on correctness
text transmitted to a browser for the purpose of tracking the Internet habits of the user
filtering software
software that prevents access to sites containing inappropriate material
computer user who attempts to gain unauthorized use of a computer system
programming language used to develop web pages
integrating special needs students into traditional classrooms
image format used for photographs and other graphics
good manners on the internet
OCR software
software that allows text to be scanned into a word processing file
a program used to add a specific capability to a computer system
streamed video and audio
media files that can be played as they are downloaded
student response system
handheld hardware that allows multiple students to answer the same question simultaneously
uniform resource locator; website address
clip art
collections of pre-drawn pictures that may be inserted into documents
alternate name for microcomputer-based labs that use sensors to collect data
web page that serves as a publicly accessible location for discussing a topic or issue