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  1. coercion and threats
  2. isolation
  3. gonorrhea
  4. body language
  5. passive
  1. a making a person do illegal things
  2. b being unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct/firm manner. Ex: saying nothing when a roommate borrows your toothbrush
  3. c bacterial; bacterium affects mucous
  4. d nonverbal communication, gestures, posture, behavior, etc. Ex: Angie slouched with her back to her friend, and her voice sounded broken
  5. e controlling what a person does, who they talk to, and where they go

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  1. both parties work to satisfy as many needs of each other as can in conflict, win-win
  2. a person refuses to believe the loss occured
  3. smashing things
  4. if there's violence and domestic abuse
  5. bacterial; most dangerous but curable STD

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  1. active listeningperson views conflict as competition and pursues own goals, win-lose


  2. depressionextreme sadness that lasts for more than a few days


  3. AIDSviral


  4. acceptanceperson doesn't address conflict, lose-lose


  5. bargainingrephrasing speaker's words. Ex: "I know that Bob's a little sick and Angie's being a brat"