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  1. abstinence
  2. competition
  3. acceptance
  4. economic abuse
  5. avoidance
  1. a person views conflict as competition and pursues own goals, win-lose
  2. b person doesn't address conflict, lose-lose
  3. c a person begins to learn how to live with a loss
  4. d preventing a person from getting a job
  5. e only 100% safe and effective means of preventions of STIs

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  1. attempting to make a person feel guilty
  2. virus; primary cause of cervical cancer
  3. nonverbal communication, gestures, posture, behavior, etc. Ex: Angie slouched with her back to her friend, and her voice sounded broken
  4. bacterial; bacterium affects mucous
  5. controlling what a person does, who they talk to, and where they go

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  1. passivebeing unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct/firm manner. Ex: saying nothing when a roommate borrows your toothbrush


  2. compromisesatisfies some needs but not all needs and concerns, win-win


  3. paraphrasingmaking promises in the hope that what is true can be avoided


  4. cooperation/collaborationperson views conflict as competition and pursues own goals, win-lose


  5. I-messagestatement focuses on someone else's behavior rather than your feelings. Ex: "You are so selfish"