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  1. emotional abuse
  2. three anger signals
  3. syphilis
  4. male privilege
  5. isolation
  1. a saying abuse didn't happen
  2. b making all the "big" decisions
  3. c clenching teeth, shaking, red face
  4. d bacterial; most dangerous but curable STD
  5. e controlling what a person does, who they talk to, and where they go

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  1. most common STD with teens
  2. satisfies some needs but not all needs and concerns, win-win
  3. making promises in the hope that what is true can be avoided
  4. attempting to make a person feel guilty
  5. person doesn't address conflict, lose-lose

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  1. I-messagestatement focuses on your feelings rather than someone else's behavior. Ex: "I can't study for my test because your music is so loud", "I am upset because you borrowed my shirt without asking"


  2. aggressiveextreme sadness that lasts for more than a few days


  3. assertiveexpressing your views clearly and respectfully. Ex: someone cuts in front of you in a line, and you say "hey, I was standing there"


  4. You-messagestatement focuses on someone else's behavior rather than your feelings. Ex: "You are so selfish"


  5. using childrenbacterial; most dangerous but curable STD


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