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  1. negotiation skills:
  2. emotional abuse
  3. active listening
  4. syphilis
  5. minimizing, denying, blaming
  1. a saying abuse didn't happen
  2. b bacterial; most dangerous but curable STD
  3. c paying close attention to what someone's saying. Ex: "I understand"
  4. d identify the problem from their points of view, list all possible solutions to the conflict, eliminate the solutions they cannot accept, evaluate the solutions which are left, choose the solution most acceptable to both parties
  5. e attempting to make a person feel guilty

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  1. making a person do illegal things
  2. virus; primary cause of cervical cancer
  3. statement focuses on your feelings rather than someone else's behavior. Ex: "I can't study for my test because your music is so loud", "I am upset because you borrowed my shirt without asking"
  4. viral
  5. clenching teeth, shaking, red face

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  1. economic abusepreventing a person from getting a job


  2. abstinenceperson doesn't address conflict, lose-lose


  3. competitionperson views conflict as competition and pursues own goals, win-lose


  4. cooperation/collaborationboth parties work to satisfy as many needs of each other as can in conflict, win-win


  5. angerviral