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  1. isolation
  2. passive
  3. You-message
  4. male privilege
  5. using children
  1. a making all the "big" decisions
  2. b statement focuses on someone else's behavior rather than your feelings. Ex: "You are so selfish"
  3. c being unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct/firm manner. Ex: saying nothing when a roommate borrows your toothbrush
  4. d controlling what a person does, who they talk to, and where they go
  5. e trying to make partner feel guilty about time spent with children

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  1. count to ten, take deep breaths, watch a movie, take a walk
  2. statement focuses on your feelings rather than someone else's behavior. Ex: "I can't study for my test because your music is so loud", "I am upset because you borrowed my shirt without asking"
  3. person gives in to other person, lose-win
  4. nonverbal communication, gestures, posture, behavior, etc. Ex: Angie slouched with her back to her friend, and her voice sounded broken
  5. viral; blistes, sores, flu-like symptoms

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  1. economic abusepreventing a person from getting a job


  2. active listeningmaking promises in the hope that what is true can be avoided


  3. paraphrasingrephrasing speaker's words. Ex: "I know that Bob's a little sick and Angie's being a brat"


  4. AIDSviral


  5. acceptanceperson doesn't address conflict, lose-lose