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English 215 final Exam

Liberty University's Prof. Tweedy's Final Exam Study Guide.
To show man's fall was part of God's bigger plan
What is the Purpose of the poem according to Milton?
Satan's envy and pride
According to Milton, why was Satan thrown out of Heaven?
Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven
After conversing, Satan and Beelzebub some to a decision about their role in Hell, as well as their future there. What is their decision?
God cannot be overpowered
What do Satan and Beelzebub both admit about God's power after being thrown from Heaven?
They worshipped idols and other Gods
What was Isreal's most hated sin?
They worshipped other Gods
What was King Ahaz'z most hated sin?
His sons turned atheist and brought lust and violence into God's house
What was the sin of Eli's son?
Large in size, but can shrink because of their spirit form.
How does Milton describe the size of the fallen angelsin Hell?
Claims that Heaven is not lost and they can still take it if they work together
What are Satan's reasons for going to war with God again?
He feels responsible for the fall of the other angels
Why does Satan volunteer and insist upon being the one to travel up to Earth?
Ruler of the abyss
What is Chaos in the poem?
At Hell's gate are Sin and Death. Who is Sin's parents?
Satan and sin
Who are Death's parents?
She has Hell Hounds in her stomach and she is half woman half serpent
Give 2 facts that describe Sin?
He is a Shadowy figure and is black as night
Give 2 facts that describe Death
According to Sin, only ______ can defeat death
He would bring them down with him
In order to get Sin and Death on his side, what does Satan tell them?
They can easily fall, but they were not created to
What is God's attitude toward man?
If they are not free there is no way to prove sincerity of love and faith
Why didn't God make man more robotice towards Him?
Who can redeem man after sin
In lines 214-216, what question does God ask?
That he would take responsibility
What is Christ's answer to God's question?
God and his new creation
In lines 383-389 why are the angels rejoicing?
Milton speaks of foolish sinners such as a friar, monk and priests
Give one example of how Milton blasts the catholics in this book
Envious of the world
In lines 553-554 what is Satan's attitude as he views the world, "so fair"?
God was good to him and he did no wrong to him
What does Satan admit about God and his past relationship to God?
Fair, good, and in love
In lines 319-324 what is the attitude of Adam and Eve?
They have a Divine resemblence of God
What does Satan notice about Adam and Eve in line 364-365?
Revenge is focused on the new world
What is the "tyrant's plea" ?
After hearing Adam and Eve converse, Satan realizes that all he has to do is to overcome their______.
Who is the guardian angel of paradise?
Adam and Eve
What does God love the most from what he has creation?
To warn and protect them from Satan
Why is Raphael sent to Adam and Eve in the garden?
Innocence and love reigned in their hearts
Why are Adam and Eve deserving of Paradise?
To see how Adam interacted with them and then name them
Why does God put Adam in the garden alone for a while with just plants and the animals?
Charm of Beauty
What power of Eve over Adam does he admit?
looks less like God, less intelligent, less spiritual
Name 3 differences between Adam and Eve
love her but don't commit to her
What definition does the angel provide Adam as far as his relationship goes with Eve?
Adam admits that he loves Eve, but to his amazement he still feels_____
Satan states that when he first saw man he found him to be in a state of ______
Adam and Eve's children will bruise the serpent's head, while the serpent will forever bite the human's heel
After Satan has been judged by God for seducing man, what relationship will there now be between all serpents and man?
They congratulated him
Satan goes down to Hell to report to his followers the success he has had in seducing man, What was their first reaction?
According to Milton, every year at a certain time, all of Satan's followers turn in to _____
Rest of the human generations will suffer the consequences of his disobedience to God
As Adam hides from God and thinks about future generations of man to come, he becomes depressed. Why?
Adam realizes that the soul dies with the body
Adam states that he would rather die than wait for what is to come. However, he changes his mind because he has a realization. What does he realize about his death?
He is bitter toward her
What is Adam's attitude toward Eve at the end of chap. 10?
Just as the snake tricked her she tricked him
How does Adam compare Eve to a snake?
Why did God create women
What statement does Adam make about women and marriage now in general?
She falls on her knees and asks for forgiveness
After Adam berates Eve, what is her response?
God and Adam
Eve states that she has sinned against two entities in her life. Who are they?
Doesn't matter Satan is always less than God
#5 Explain lines 254-256 from book I