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Need-to-know organs from a pig disection.




makes enzymes, make bile, detoxifies unwanted thinkg from the blood (alcohol, advil ect.)

large intestine

moniters mater levels in the body


stores and releases red blood cells


nuetralizes acid in chyme and makes insilin

pericardial sac/ pericardium

keeps heart hydrated and protects it


chemical disgestion of food

pyloric sphincter

determines when chyme leaves the stomach


where chyme is nuetralized and digestion is completed

small intestine

absorbtion of nutrients into the blood stream

gall bladder

stores and releases bile

jugular vein

takes deoxygenated blood from the head to the heart

carotid artery

takes oxygenated blood from the heart to the head


filters urea out of the blood


takes urea from the kidney to the bladder

renal artery

carries oxygenated, unfiltered blood into the kidney

renal vein

carries deoxygenated, filtered blood from the kidney




exchanges oxygen and CO2 in the blood


increases and decreases your lung capacity

left ventricle

pumps oxygenated blood into the blood


blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood to the body

pulmonary trunk

takes blood to and from the lungs

latissimus dorsi

allows movement of the front leg


allows movement of foot/hoof

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