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Ms. Plummer's Exam Review

different sets
Mother of Achilles
Wife of Hector
Achilles wept when he had to give back this gift
Patient and practical yet a fierce Greek warrior
Took his gift back
Asked his mother to set Zeus against the Greeks
Retrieved the body of Hector
Ruler of the Gods
Mortal who wounded two gods in battle
Wears Achilles armor to inspire the Greeks in battle
The face that launched a thousand ships
destined to become the king of Troy
Accepts Paris' challenge to a duel
Wears Achilles armor to insult the Greeks
Advisor the the Trojan leader
Zeus sent Agamemnon a false dream to make him think that Troy was about to fall to the Greeks
Paris offered to give back all of Helen's treasure and additional treasure of his own but refused to give back Helen
Poseidon helped a Trojan destined to be king of Troy
Phoenix, Odysseus, and Aias were sent to make a mend between Agamemnon and Achilles
Hera hated the Trojans so much that she wanted them completely destroyed
Nestor and Odysseus are respected by all because of their even temper and wise advice
It was common knowledge that Paris was the cause and blamefor the war
Agamemnon swore that he had never shared his bed with Briseis
Achilles was considered one of the greatest Greek heroes even though he had many character laws
Cause: Achilles finally decides to reenter the battle
Effect:Thetis predicts his death
Cause: Paris is about to be defeated by Menelaos
Effect: Aphrodite carries him to safety
Cause: Apollo uses Agenor to deceive Achilles
Effect: The Trojans are able to get safe within city walls
Cause: Pandaros shoots Menelaos
Effect: Truce between the Greeks and the Trojans is broken
Cause: Hector asks his mother to petition Athena to protect the city from Diomedes
Effect: The Trojan women visit a shrine
Cause: Agamemnon calls for a retreat
Effect: Odysseus tells him that he lacks courage
Cause: Zeus forbids the gods to fight
Effect: The Greeks struggle in battle
Cause: Achilles is still angry with Agamemnon
Effect: The emissaries fail to get his help in saving the Achaian army
Cause: Dolon tells Odysseus and Diomedes that the Thracians have arrived
Effect: Two Greeks kill a king and acquire lovely horses
Cause: Eurypylos asks for a hand
Effect: Patroclos takes time to clean a wound
Cause: Polydamas sees an eagle drop a snake among the Trojans
Effect: He advises Hector to retreat from the current battle
Cause: Aphorodite protects her son in battle
Effect: She is wounded by Diomedes
Poseidon disobeyed Zeus by
rallying the Greeks to fight
The following gods were allied with the Trojans
Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares
Xanthos is angered by Achilles
pollutes the river with blood of Trojans
As a result of Hera's trickery, Zeus
fell asleep
Hector fought the Greeks for Patroclos' body because he wanted to
defile and ruin it
All the following THEMES expressed in the Iliad
Real men don't eat quiche/ What comes around goes around/ Don't walk around with a chip on your shoulder
Athena tricked Hector into fighting Achilles by
Pretending to be Hectors brother, telling him they would stand together against Achilles
All of the following are true about the beginning of the Iliad
It begins "in media res"/ Homer calls upo the muse to help him tell the story/ Agamemnon has created a plague to fall upon the Greeks
Thetis went to Hephaistos and asked him for a new ____ for Achilles.
set of battle gear
The main character of the Iliad is
Achilles presided over games to honor