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  1. salt and water
  2. insoluble
  3. freezing
  4. -2
  5. Law of Conservation of Energy
  1. a the change of a substance from a liquid to a solid
  2. b what charge would an atom have if it gained 2 electrons?
  3. c products of a neutralization reaction
  4. d states that the total amount of energy in a system is constant
  5. e when one substance cannot be dissolved in another (like oil in water)

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  1. having a regular, repeating pattern
  2. which part of the chemical formula will tell you that the compound is a base?
  3. the change of a substance from a gas to a liquid
  4. the three types of mixtures
  5. shared electrons are associated with which type of bond?

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  1. atomic numberequal to the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom


  2. Dalton's TheoryAn atom is mostly empty space with a dense, positively charged nucleus.


  3. Kinetic TheoryAn atom has a nucleus surrounded by a large region, where the most likely location for an electron can be found.


  4. Halogenscharged particles that form during chemical changes when one or more valence electrons transfer from one atom to another


  5. diatomic elementan element that is capable of covalently bonding two of that same element's atoms together in a molecule