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  1. electric current
  2. period
  3. Democritus's Theory
  4. neutralization
  5. alloy
  1. a a row on the periodic table
  2. b a reaction in which an acid combines with a base to form salt and water
  3. c a solid solution of metals or nonmetals dissolved in metals
  4. d All elements are composed of atoms, which cannot be created, destroyed, or divided.
  5. e the energy source for electrolysis

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  1. a substance that is changed in a chemical reaction
  2. a picture, an idea, or an object that is built to explain how something else looks or works
  3. how many electrons can be held in the 2nd energy level?
  4. a statement that uses symbols, formulas and numbers to stand for a chemical reaction
  5. do nonmetals tend to lose or gain electrons?

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  1. single replacement reactiona reaction in which one element replaces another in a compound


  2. (OH-)which part of the chemical formula will tell you that the compound is a base?


  3. colloida mixture in which the particles are dispersed throughout but are not heavy enough to settle out


  4. slowerat the same temperature, more massive particles move _____ than less massive particles


  5. +2what charge does a magnesium ion have?


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