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  1. blue
  2. period 1
  3. Polyatomic Ion
  4. acid
  5. solute
  1. a what color would pH paper turn in soap?
  2. b a substance that ionizes in water to produce (H+) ions
  3. c a neutral group of atoms held together by covalent bonds
  4. d the substance being dissolved
  5. e in what period is Helium found?

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  1. how would you seperate sugar from water?
  2. a substance whose water solution conducts an electric current
  3. Matter cannot be divided into smaller and smaller pieces forever. Eventually the smallest piece, called an atom, will be reached.
  4. what charge does an aluminum ion have?
  5. What is one way to increase the speed at which a substance dissolves?

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  1. 3what charge would an atom have if it lost 3 electrons?


  2. Democritus's TheoryIn an atom, electrons are located in energy levels that are a certain distance away from the nucleus.


  3. compounda substance formed when atoms of two or more elements join together


  4. reactivewhen an atom is capable of taking, giving, or sharing electrons to form a chemical bond with another atom


  5. moleculewhat color would a solution of ammonia turn litmus paper?