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  1. solute
  2. enzyme
  3. valence electrons
  4. pink-red
  5. precipate
  1. a a solid that settles to the bottom of a mixture
  2. b what color would a solution of pop turn litmus paper?
  3. c the subatomic particles involved in forming chemical bonds
  4. d a protein that speeds up a specific biochemical reaction (biological catalyst)
  5. e the substance being dissolved

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  1. what is the mass of an electron?
  2. set of metals found in groups 3-12
  3. in what period is Helium found?
  4. the energy source for electrolysis
  5. a solid solution of metals or nonmetals dissolved in metals

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  1. increase temperatureWhat is one way to increase the speed at which a substance dissolves?


  2. slowerat the same temperature, more massive particles move _____ than less massive particles


  3. Bohr's TheoryAll elements are composed of atoms, which cannot be created, destroyed, or divided.


  4. compounda mixture in which the particles are dispersed throughout but are not heavy enough to settle out


  5. acidis milk an acid or a base?


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