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  1. Lanthanides
  2. 9
  3. electron
  4. catalyst
  5. electron-dot diagram
  1. a the set of transition metals that are shiny and found in the first row of the periodic table
  2. b a representation where the chemical symbol represents the nucleus and a series of dots represents the valence electrons
  3. c a negatively charged particle in an atom
  4. d which pH would be associated with a weak base (1, 5, 9, 14)?
  5. e a substance that changes the rate of chemical reactions without being consumed

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  1. what charge would an atom have if it lost 3 electrons?
  2. charged particles that form during chemical changes when one or more valence electrons transfer from one atom to another
  3. a building block of matter
  4. a reaction in which energy is released
  5. the energy needed to start a chemical reaction

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  1. Dalton's TheoryAtoms are always moving and are capable of joining together.


  2. condensationa particle in the nucleus that has no charge


  3. Periodic Lawa row on the periodic table


  4. mixturewhat color would a solution of window cleaner turn litmus paper?


  5. groupa column on the periodic table