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  1. evaporation
  2. product
  3. metallic bond
  4. insoluble
  5. (OH-)
  1. a which part of the chemical formula will tell you that the compound is a base?
  2. b the force of attraction between a positively charged metal ion and the electrons in a metal
  3. c when one substance cannot be dissolved in another (like oil in water)
  4. d the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas
  5. e a substance that is changed in a chemical reaction

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  1. matter that has only one kind of atom
  2. in what period is Helium found?
  3. An atom is mostly empty space with a dense, positively charged nucleus.
  4. a substance that slows down a chemical reaction
  5. states that the higher input of energy, the faster the particles that make up a substance move

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  1. precipatea solid that settles to the bottom of a mixture


  2. decompositionthe opposite of a synthesis reaction


  3. Bohr's TheoryElectrons move in definite orbits around the nucleus, like planets circle the sun.


  4. crystal latticea repeating three-dimensional pattern of ions


  5. Alkaline Earth Metalsfamily that has two valence electrons