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  1. catalyst
  2. Thomson's Theory
  3. Periodic Law
  4. enzyme
  5. colloid
  1. a a protein that speeds up a specific biochemical reaction (biological catalyst)
  2. b An atom is made up of a positively charged pudding-like material, throughout which electrons can be found.
  3. c says that the chemical and physical properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers
  4. d a mixture in which the particles are dispersed throughout but are not heavy enough to settle out
  5. e a substance that changes the rate of chemical reactions without being consumed

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  1. how many valence electrons does Helium have?
  2. states that matter cannot be created or destroyed
  3. the process of freezing, condensation and deposition require that the particles ______ energy
  4. the sum of protons and neutrons in an atom
  5. which pH would be associated with a weak base (1, 5, 9, 14)?

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  1. Democritus's TheoryMatter cannot be divided into smaller and smaller pieces forever. Eventually the smallest piece, called an atom, will be reached.


  2. Actinidesthe set of transition metals that are shiny and found in the first row of the periodic table


  3. transition metalsatoms that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons


  4. crystal latticea repeating three-dimensional pattern of ions


  5. single replacement reactiona reaction in which one element replaces another in a compound