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  1. isotopes
  2. 18
  3. model
  4. acid
  5. compound
  1. a atoms that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons
  2. b a substance that ionizes in water to produce (H+) ions
  3. c a picture, an idea, or an object that is built to explain how something else looks or works
  4. d how many electrons can be held in the 3rd energy level?
  5. e a substance formed when atoms of two or more elements join together

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  1. how many valence electrons does Aluminum have?
  2. matter that has only one kind of atom
  3. An atom has a nucleus surrounded by a large region, where the most likely location for an electron can be found.
  4. the process of freezing, condensation and deposition require that the particles ______ energy
  5. what color would a solution of pop turn litmus paper?

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  1. chemical symbolan abbreviation for an element name


  2. depositionthe change of a substance from a gas to a solid


  3. -2what charge does an oxygen ion have?


  4. redwhat color would pH paper turn in lemon juice?


  5. 2how many valence electrons does Helium have?