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Use geographical terms to describe the geography of ancient egypt.

Ancient Egypt had many deserts and some mountains. Along the Nile river, there is a piece of farmland and deserts along the farmland.

What is the name of the mineral rich soil and rock that nile flood waters left behing?

It is called silt.

where is the most mineral-rick soil located?

Along the reeds of the Nile River.

Where is upper Egypt located? Describe the land.

In southern Egypt, It has high elevation because of the mountains

Where is lower Egypt located? Describe the land.

In Northern Egypt. It has a lower elevation witht he deserts.

What is the nile River nicknamed and why?

"The Gift of the Nile" - the many ways the nile benefits Egypt. ie trasportation, trade, Irrigation, and water, food, bathing and cooking.

The Egyptians depended on the Nile River for what four things?

Bitt- Basic needs, irrigation,trade and trasportation

Name the wildlife that either lived in the Nile River or along the river.

Soft-shelled turtle, catfish, crocodile , eel

What has been nicknamed "The Gift of the nile"?


who is Sobeck

The crocodile God

Which Egyptian god had the head of an ibis

Thoth has the head of an ibis bird

How was Cleopatra believed to have died.

She commited suiside by letting a venamous snake bite her.

the pasing on of history, beliefs, or customes by word of mouth is known as____.

oral tradition

____ is the sudy of the remains of a past cultures.


is a salt-like chemical used to perserve bodies in the mummification process.


the ___ was the egyptian symbol for rebirth.


____ was an ancient capital of Egypt.


Another name for an Egyptian coffin is a


____is the story or record of what happens in the past


___ is a type of cloth made from the fibers of the flax plant.


____were charms that were tucked inside the layers of the mummy's wrappings.


Man-made objects fromt he past are____/


_____ are based on primay sources.

Secondary sources.

built abu Simbel for himself and his queen Nefertari


with her husband led a revolutiona that changed the Egyptions belief in polytheism to monotheism.


the Temple at Deir el Bahari is for this female pharaoh


a mythical creature created for Pharaoh Khafre

The Great Sphinx

cats were held sacred tothis goddess


800 picture-symbols that tell the story of the Ancient Egytian cilture


during the New Kingdom, this god was worshipped as the chief god

Amon Ra

a substance Egyptians applied around the eyes as protection against the sun


had a tomb filled with riches, food, and Senet games


worshipped by Egyptians, believed to protect them from enemies

Egyptian Cobra

a living god


an Egyptian symbol of life


Who wore the double crown that symbolized unification of Upper and Lower Egypt?


Who was famous for his tomb, not hiss time as pharaoh?


Why is King Tutankhamen such a famous pharaoh?

He was famous for his age, 9 years when he became pharaoh, the gold and riches in his tomb, and his tomb discovery by Howard Carter. King Jutankhamen died at the age of 80.

Why was the Nile River critical to the development of the ancient Egyptian civilization?

Nile River provided Egypt with so many things and without it, Egpyt wouldn't have been one of the greatest and strongest civilizations. the Nile provided Egypt with Transprtation, Trade, irrigation, and Basic needs like water, food, bathing and cooking.

Draw a society pyramid


This ruler expanded trade with Punt


this ruler was buried in the Great Pyramid


the great Sphinz guards his pyramid


the god of the dead and the first to be mimmified is


The Nile River flows from ____ to ______. explain

South to North. the Nile River flowed North because the south was a higher elevation. Etesian winds made it so you can travel in both directions.

label the map on the test.

make it.

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