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leader of the Taiping Rebellion who was infuenced by Christians

Hong Xiuquan

American mercenary who backed the Manchus in the Taiping Rebellion; renames Manchus the "Ever-Victorious Army;" trained in modern warfare; granted an honorable and natural Chinese and ranked as a Mandarin

Frederick Ward

Manchu woman; "Dowager Empress," "Old Buddha;" wants power


successor/nephew to Cixi; last emperor of China


nationalist who wants a republic; "Father of the Chinese Republic;" establishes the political party of Nationalists (aka Kuomintang/Guamindang)

Sun Yat-Sen

charman of China; 1st a nationalist and then becomes a communist; "Communist Leader of China"

Mao Zedong

son in the Soong family; financial backer of the nationalists

T.V. Soong

communist military expert

Zhu De

prime minister of China at Tiananmen Square

Deng Xiaoping


Jing Qing was a member of the Gang of Four?


China's civil service exams were called the "Ladder to the Clouds?"


Opium trade was of little value to the English?


The Boxer's Seige of Peking Legations lasted 55 days?

false... Ching Ling

Soong Mei-Ling was Sun Yat-Sen's wife?


Charles "Chinese" Gordon worked/trained the Manchus?


Women's statuses during the Taiping Rebellion was high?

false... the Sino-Japanese War

Cixi built the Summer Palace with money meant for the 1st Opium War?


Boxer Rebellion led by nationalists?


Sun Yat-Sen established the nationalist party?


Double 10 Day celebrates revolution in China?


The Treaty of Versailles granted China German concessions in Asia?


The communist party in China had little to do with the USSR?


Sun Yat-Sen established the 3 Principles of the People?


The Long March provided core of leadership for the communist party?


England alone was China's ally in World War 2?

false... the Republic of China

Chaing Kai Shek set up the People's Republic of China on Taiwan?


The cultural revolution was a disaster?


Since Tiananmen Square, China has become more democratic?


Today China remains closed to tourism?


English warehouses in China were called factories?

joint ventures

Foreign businesses in China are called...

follow customs

Confucianism encouraged its followers to...

Deng Xiaoping

1st leader of Communist China to encourage capitalism...

Yuan Shikai

The most successful warlord...

the Great Wall

China's fortifaction along its northern border...


In Confucian society the elite were...


Was not part of the 3 Principles of the People...

Hong Kong

At the end of the 1st Opium War England was given...


When a foreigner is not subject to law of the country means that they're in...

Mao Zedong

The Long March was an important event in the life of...


Western imperialistic countries of the 19th century wanted China for...

spheres of influence

During the 1880s, imperialistic nations divided China into...

Gang of 4

The group that achieved victory during the cultural revolution...

Deng Xiaoping

Chinese leader who defeated the Gang of 4...

the 5 Year Plan

Collective farms in China were part of...

the Little Red Book

Quotations from Mao were memorized from...


The 4 Modernizations did not include...


Since Mao's death, China has allowed more...


The other China is founded on...

agriculutural reforms

The Responsibility System allowed for...

the Great Leap Forward

Three Bitter Years refers to...

Xian Incident

Chiang Kai Shek agreed to fight Japan because of the...


During the Great Leap Forward, citizens in China were forced to live in...

the Three Gorges Dam

China built the world's largest dam, called...


What women bound their feet?


Foot binded ended under the rule of...


World War II capital of China...


Ping Pong Diplomacy began with...

the Helicopter

Hua Geofeng, leader of the whateverists, was called...

Jesuit, astronomer, missionary

Mateo Ricci was...

trade and diplomatic relations

George III sent George Macartney to China to set up...

Jiang Zemin

Hong Kong was returned to China under _______'s rule...


In 1950 China took over...

Hu Jintao

President of China during the Olympics was...


you cannot be happy unless you find inner peace; connect with nature; small village life with small communities with little government is besst; little formal education; ying-yang; wuwei (action through non-action); belief system founded in book called Daodejing


li (virtue through good actions); relationships are important; filial piety; scholars are the most elite


four noble truths (sorrow, suffering, state of not wanting, nirvana); follow the 8 Fold Path

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