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The skeleton system is the bone-y framework that shapes the body
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The process of breathing in is called inhalationTrueThe adult skeleton has 228 bonesFALSE, 206 bonesBreathing issues are usually the cause of why children and infants have cardiac problems.TrueThere are three kinds of muscles: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac.TrueA joint is where two or more bones meet or join together.TrueThe respiratory system consists of the brain, nerves and control of the functions of our bodiesFALSE, this describes the nervous system, the respiratory system controls over our breathingThe epiglottis is the flap of cartilage that blocks food from entering the trachea and our lungs.TrueAn injury to lumbar spine causes paralysis and loss of sensation in the:LegsWhich of the following is the odd shaped bone that protects the spinal cord?VertebraeThe ______ __________ is responsible for intake of oxygen into the bloodstream and exhaling carbon dioxide.Respiratory systemThe flat narrow bone in the middle of the front wall of the chest is known as theSternumA 53 year old man falls down to the ground and you decide to help after checking the scene. He did not respond to your check of "Are you okay?" Where do you check for his pulse?Carotid arteryYou are babysitting an infant less than a year old for your close neighbor. When suddenly they stop moving around playfully as they have been. You check for their pulse where?Brachial arteryWhich of the following systems are the most important to protect from life threatening incidents?Respiratory Circulatory NervousWhich of the following organs are the most critical for first aid individuals to protect?Heart Lungs Spinal cord HeartWhich of the following blood vessels carry blood back to the heart?VeinsYou come across a person who is in a bicycle accident, besides a few scrapes and bruises they seem to be okay, but which of the following areas that we should be extremely careful to not cause potential paralysis?Spinal CordThe solid part of blood carries white and red blood cells, and platelets; what is the liquid part of blood called?PlasmaYou go to the doctors office and the nurse takes your pulse by feeling your left wrist. What artery are they checking for your pulse from?Radial