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how found happiness, gift of faith


how achieve goals or defeat enemies - finds courage


needs help, has the gift of strength


tries to find own way, gains independence


gift of compassion, cares about other people that themselves


how I change the world, gains power

Three phases of a quest


Collective unconscious

a set of primal memories common to the human race, existing below each person's conscious mind (see Carl Jung, above). The common psychological, instrinctive psyche of mankind.


a type of therapy where the patient is allowed to talk about whatever he wants while the doctor records his behavior. The doctor mostly listens and gives follow up questions. The study of the mind and the unconscious and it's also the therapy used to help people with psychological issues.

Free association

While psychoanalysis requires the person to learn about themselves, free association has no linear or preplanned agenda. Used in psychoanalysis as a cure. You can say whatever comes to mind; unfiltered thoughts.

Phallic symbols for a male

banana, necktie, gun, snake, snowboard, pencil, train, hot dog, twinkies, knife, telephone pole, candlestick, key, hammer, beehive hairdo, ice cream cone, lollipop, baseball bat, trombone, empire state building, electrical plut, lightbulb, etc.

Phallic symbols for a woman

box, doorway, cheerios, rabbit hole, kitty cat, fuzzy handbag, tunnel, bagel, doughnut, oven, vase, keyhole, open mouth, ring, bundt cake, toaster, lips, gloves, electrical socket, lightbulb socket

Narrator (Sergeant X)

• First half of story, he is a first-person narrator. Gentle and optimistic
• Second half of story, he is Sergeant X, broken down and changed by wartime. So disguised (as Sergeant X), that we can't recognize him (changed a lot from war)

Clay (Corporal Z)

• Sergeant Z's (narrator's) somewhat "war buddy."
• Opposite of narrator - cheerful and emotionally untouched by the war. Although he may not understand Sergeant X's condition, he is sympathetic towards him


• Five years old, Esmé's brother. Far less polished than Esmé. He is a little kid, unaware of the horror that has happened in his life. Contains total innocence and blissful ignorance.

The Id

Impulsive part of unconscious- makes you do things without thinking

The Ego

Moderates the ID and superego

The superego

Outside influences and info


the proletariat

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