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Three Fifths Compromise & Great Compromise


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What was the cause of the 3/5 compromise?
Not knowing how to count the votes delegates reached a compromise of the three-fifths of the slave population would be counted when setting direct taxes on states
What was the effect of the 3/5 compromise?
This led to other arguments about slave rights such a slave trade
What was the significance of the 3/5 Compromise?
This compromise helped determine representation in government peacefully.
What was the cause of the great compromise?
Smaller states didn't find it fair that the votes were by population which allowed bigger states to win more often when voting.
What was the effect of the Great Compromise?
The Great Compromise satisfy small states each state will have an equal number of votes in the senate(2 senators per state) and the large states get more representation with the House of Representatives.
What was the significance of the Great Compromise?
This set a path for our way of voting today.
Big State Plan was known as______?
Virginia Plan
Small State Plan was known as _______?
New Jersey Plan
Someone who is usually elected and speaks on a group of peoples behalf.
Example: Team Captain, Governor, or President