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Spanish 7 pt. 2


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Forgive me.
Lo hice sin querer.
I didn't mean to do it.
Lo siento mucho es que no sabía
I'm very sorry; I didn't know.
No lo haré más.
I won't do it anymore.
No lo volveré a hacer.
I won't do it again.
Forgive me.
admitir/cometer un error
to admit/make a mistake
comprarle un regalo
to buy someone a gift
darle un abrazo
to give someone a hug
darse tiempo para pensar
to give oneself time to think
discutir el problema
to discuss the problem
echarle la culpa a otro(a)
to blame someone else
to insult
mentir (ie, i)
to lie
no guardar los secretos
not to keep secrets
respetar sus sentimientos
to respect someone's feelings
romper con
to break up with someone
ser desleal
to be disloyal
ser infiel
to be unfaithful
tener celos de
to be jealous of
Busco a alguien
I look for someone
a quien le guste(n)
who likes
que me apoye.
who'll support me
que no tenga celos de
who won't be jealous of
que nunca me mienta
who'll never lie to me
que respete
who'll respect
que sepa
who knows
que siempre me diga
who'll always tell me
No aguanto a nadie que sea descortés
I can't stand anyone who's rude.