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  1. Natural selection occurs due to
  2. A substance that makes air, water, or land harmful for life is called
  3. The ancestors of snakes used legs to walk on land. The small leg bones that are still in the bodies of snakes are
  4. An animal has an allele for white fur, but its fur is black. The allele for white fur is
  5. House sparrows from England were released in the U.S. They have competed with native blue birds. These sparrows are _____ species.
  1. a vestigial organs
  2. b a pollutant
  3. c variation, competition ,survival and reproduction
  4. d recessive
  5. e an invasive

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  1. extinction
  2. suburban development
  3. secondary succession
  4. salty
  5. keep dividing

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  1. The source of energy for almost all life on Earth isinterphase


  2. An example of a renewable resource iswood


  3. According to the fossil record, the first multicellular organisms wereseaweeds


  4. Sand dunes are created byliving things and the physical environment


  5. A cell grows and carries out life functions insalty