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  1. A group of organisms that live in a particular area is a(n)
  2. This law helps preserve biodiversity.
  3. An example of a renewable resource is
  4. Sand dunes are created by
  5. House sparrows from England were released in the U.S. They have competed with native blue birds. These sparrows are _____ species.
  1. a wind
  2. b wood
  3. c an invasive
  4. d population
  5. e Endangered Species Act

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  1. recessive
  2. ecology
  3. an adaptation
  4. extinction
  5. vestigial organs

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  1. A fossil is an object that contains traces, remains, or evidence ofwood


  2. Mangroves grow in this type of water.salty


  3. An example of a consumer in a pond ecosystem isa frog


  4. Natural selection occurs due tovariation, competition ,survival and reproduction


  5. An ecosystem is made up ofwind


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