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A therapist who uses a variety of psychological theories and therapeutic methods is said to be


While focusing on several intrusive thoughts that had been bothering her recently, Jenny was instructed by her therapist to report any ideas or memories stimulated by these thoughts. Jenny's therapist was making use of a technique known as

free association

Classical psychoanalysts were especially interested in

interpreting the meaning of clients' resistance to therapeutic procedures

Which of the following is derived from the psychoanalytic tradition and seeks to help patients gain insight into their relationships, including childhood experiences?

psychodynamic therapy

Who emphasized the importance of active listening in the process of psychotherapy?

Carl Rogers

A therapist helps Rebecca overcome her fear of water by getting her to swim in the family's backyard pool three times a day for two consecutive weeks. The therapist's approach to helping Rebecca best illustrates

exposure therapy

Systematic desensitization is a form of

exposure therapy

In a home for troubled youth, adolescents receive large colored buttons when they hang up their clothes, make their beds, and come to meals on time. The adolescents return the buttons to staff members to receive bedtime snacks or watch TV. This best illustrates an application of

operant conditioning

Cognitive therapists are most likely to

emphasize the importance of clients' personal interpretations of life events

Nancy's therapist encourages her to think about her strengths rather than her weaknesses and to develop a habit of thanking others when they compliment her or provide emotional support. The therapist's approach best illustrates

cognitive-behavioral therapy

Psychotherapy is likely to be most effective when a client's problem is


Which of the following is LEAST likely to be used for the treatment of depression?


The double-blind technique is most likely to be used in evaluating the effectiveness of

drug therapies

Tardive dyskinesia is associated with the long-term use of certain ________ drugs


Which of the following individuals is most likely to benefit from lithium?

Miranda, who experiences periods of extreme sadness followed by episodes of optimistic overexcitement anxiety

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