29 terms

Modern Middle East

goal of zionism
the spiritual and political renewal of the Jewish people and ancestral homeland of the palestine; freedom from western anti-semitism
the collapse of what empire influenced the map of the modern world?
the ottoman empire
what did the british promise the Arabs?
the arabs could have a united arab homeland
Balfour declaration
promised a national home for the Jewish people in the palestine and announed british support for zionism
America won
oil rights in saudi arabia in 1933
UN partition plan- 1947
splits the palestine between the Arabs and the Jews- the jews accept, the arabs do not
what happened after israel declared its independence
the arabs attack the jews to kick them out of the palestine- the jews win
what did egypts president do in 1956
Abdul nasser takes back the suez canal
what was the main result of the 6 day war
the israelis take the west bank, gaza, sinai, and golan heights
the UN asks the israelis to give the land back
who was the leader of the PLO
Yasir arafat
who signed the peace agreement at Camp David in 1979
President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, President Jimmy Carter of the U.S., Prime minister Menachem Begin of Israel
What war began in October 1973
Yom Kippur war
what occured in the occuped territores from 1978- 1993
Palestinian Intifada
wht were the three dominant ethnic/ religious groups in Iraq
The sunni kurds, Sunni Arabs, Shi'ites
what group did saddam gas
the sunni kurds
where did Iraq invade in 1990
what did the US led coalition decide NOT to do with saddam
we dont get rid of him- we leave him in charge after the war
what were the two main reasons to invade iraq in 2003
saddam kicked out U.N. weapon inspectors, thought he had weapons of mass destruction
two main sunni insurgent groups
Ba'athist members, al qaeda
what happened at the Abu Gharin prison in 2004
american soldiers took pictures of torturing prisoners
what happened to Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953
was toppled in a coup aided by the America CIA
what was the goal of the new Shah
institues western reform and ties with the west, land reform, more women had more political power, massive government
what was the SAVAK
secret police to the shah
who led the Islamic revolution in 1979
Ayatollah Khomeini
what president lost because of the Iranian Hostage Situation
Jimmy Carter
what Shi'ite group in lebanon did Iran help create and fund
Hamas, Hezbollah
how long did the Iran- Iraq war last
8 years
what radical shi'ite leader in Iraq does Iran support
moqtada al-sadr
goverment ruled by religion