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a review over the 10 weeks of chapters combined

Betty has septicemia. Her hubby wants to know whats going on. you can tell him septicemia involves:

an overwhelming systemic infection

what is the grading of newly diagnosed malignant tumors based on?

degree of differentiation of the cells

the process of carcinogenesis usually begins with:

an irreversible change in the cell DNA

which statement is true concerning malignant tumor diagnostic tests?

the only definitive test is microscopic exam of the cells

why do vascular occlusions and infarcts frequently occur with sickle cell anemia?

the change in shape of erythrocytes when hypoxia occurs causes obstructions in the blood vessels

which anemia can cause peripheral nerve demyelination?

pernicious anemia

what is the cause of oral ulcerations and delayed healing occurring with any progressive anemia?

deficit of oxygen for epithelial tissue

general anemia may be caused by:

decreased production of hemoglobin and decreased number of RBC's

why do those with sickle cell anemia often develop iron deficiency anemia?

shorter lifespan of RBC's with sickle cell anemia

in pernicious anemia, antibodies form against:

intrinsic factor or parietal cells

why is excessive bleeding a common occurrence with acute leukemia?

decreased # of platelets

JB has recently been dx with angina. The physician is educating JB on activities or emotions to avoid so he can prevent angina in the future. JB should avoid these type of activities.

shovel snow, getting overly excited/angry at a football game on TV or eating a very large meal

accumulation of lipids, cells and fibrin in arteries leads to this.


which leukkemia affects young cheldrens B cells?

acute lymphocytic leukemia

what is the most common cause of death immediately following a myocardial infarction?

cardiac arythmias

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