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I watched the blacksmith hammer away at the ___ in the old remake of a colonial-styled village.


"No more ___!" my mother screeched at me while I was slowly getting prepared for school.


During dinner I ___ pushed my string beans off my plate so my dog, Byron, would eat them.


You'll never get into a great college with such a ___ reputation.


The bad comedian's jokes were awfully ___ and quaintly humorous.


Don't spoil your good manners with ___ thoughts of running wild, crazy, and free.


I can't stand the ___ of all those stubborn, rude people.


How can someone ___ such harm upon another creature?


The ___ fumes from the paint can cause permanent damage to your brain. and other parts of your body if exposed to you.


HIV is a horrible ___, not unlike Yellow Fever, that hurts the lives of many.


In hospitals, it's very scary to see the rooms labeled "Caution, ___" with dangerously sick people residing inside them.


I took a short ___ after brunch before going to my acting class.


He is an awfully ___ man for the many video games he owns.


I didn't enjoy the boring, seemingly never ending, and ___ job of picking up fallen pine cones outside.


I ___ protest, with all my rage, against animal testing and experimentation.

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