World Cultures Final- China

Capital of China
Boxer Rebellion
uprising against foreign influence on religion, trade, and politics
ant-revolutionist form of Marxist Communism
ethical/philosophical system from teacher Confucius
Deng Xiaping
attempted to improve China unsuccessfully
Four Modernizations
campaign to improve agriculture, industry, science, and technology, and national defense
Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi
First emperor, China gets its name from him, Great Wall built under his command, currency, Terra-Cotta Warriors
treaty of Nanking, British-over China
Filial Piety
Respect for ancestors
Smaller feet would result in a better marriage
Great Wall
Built to keep the Mongols out
Hong Kong
British colony until 1997
Hu Jintao
Current president of China
Symbol used to express an idea or concept
Imperialism of China
other countries with spheres of influence in China
States that foreigners must bow to Chinese
Belief that states people are bad and only laws can make them good
Yellow clay/dirt/sand from the Yellow River
Mandate of Heaven
States that the lucky rule the country.... too bad for the unlucky...
Mao Zedong
1st communist ruler of China
Great Leap Forward
The industrialization of China under Mao Zedong
invaded China
Nationalists/ Kuomintang/ Guomindong
Pushed for modernization and nationalization (three possible answers)
Opium Wars
Started over Britain selling opium to the Chinese
wanted by westerners from China- especially during the Ming dynasty
President Richard Nixon
Established diplomatic relations with China, the first to visit China
Slaughter of communists
Silk Road
land trade route
Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
foreign companies in certain areas of a country (In this case, China...)
Spheres of Influence
other countries control parts of China
nobles and government workers
Sun Yatsen
created Chinese Nationalism
Taoism/ Daoism
Balance (Ying and Yang) the go-with-the-flow concept
Chinese Civil War
Nationalists vs. Communists
The Long March
Communists walk 6000 miles to escape the Nationalists
Tiananmen Square
A student protest where the government reacted harshly and violently (June 4)
Chiang Kaishek
member of Kuomintang, ally of Sun Yatsen