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New Directions - Chapter 3 - We've Got Mail - Always! - Vocabulary


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something that is very bad or causes you a lot of trouble

(I loved my car at first but it turned out to be a __________ because it keeps breaking down.)
to lead or carry out an activity

(My company will _________ a survey to see what kinds of computers people like to buy.)
the cause of an event or process, the thing or person that makes it start

(Jim has been the __________ for a lot of good changes since he started working here.)
to save or rescue something or someone, to prevent an item from being destroyed or damaged

(My brother was going to throw out his old bicycle but I wanted to __________ it and fix it.)
to go beyond a limit, to overcome a barrier or category

(Mozart's music pieces __________ his time, they're so beautiful that people will still be listening to them in 1,000 years.)
terrible, unpleasant or disgusting

(Mr. Hobart's manners are __________; he constantly interrupts other people and he insults strangers for no good reason.)
an insignificant thing, something that has little or no value or relevance

(Pay attention to your studies! A party is nice but it's just a __________ compared to your education.)
easy to break or damage, weak, not long-lasting

(Lisa has a very __________ ego, she interprets everything I say as an insult or a piece of criticism.)
to make something possible, to help make something happen

(The Internet applications ___________ us to get information about almost any subject whenever we want it.)
to destroy something completely

(The tornado could __________ Bill's new house in less than a minute.)